Early Fall Publications 2019

Early Fall Publications 2019

Live Mag! #16, Fall 2019

Thank you Jeff Wright for publishing my “me too” piece, “The Ballad of Lucy Jordon.”https://livemag.org/issue_16/patricia-carragon/Congrats to these wonderful writers:Ama Birch
Peggy Cyphers
Steve Dalachinsky
Julia Knobloch
Susan Lewis
Yuko Otomo
Wanda Phipps
Mark Statman
George Wallace
Barry Wallenstein
and more
Thank you Joe Maita for publishing “Autumn Leaves” in Jerry Jazz Musician on October 11, 2019


and “Autumn in New York” in the Fall Edition, November 11, 2019

Kudos to poets Steve Dalachinsky Alan Yount, Anggo Genorga, Arlene Corwin, Aurora Lewis, CJ Muchhala, David Lohrey, 
Ed Ruzicka, Erren Kelly, Felicia Chernesky, Freddington, 
Gerard Furey, Gerard Sarnat, John Grey, John Stupp, Kristofer Collins, michael newell, Michael Vander Does, 
Paula Puolakka, Phil Linz, Phyllis Wax, Robert Gibb, 
Robert Nisbet, Roger Singer, Russell Dupont, Susandale, 
Terrance Underwood—————————————————————-

Thank you Joshua Meander for publishing “The Mother Tree” in the Fall 2019, Vol. 27 Issue 4 of Nomad’s Choir.

Shout outs to Bob Barci, Bernard Block, Robert Gibbons, Gordon Gilbert, Patrick Hammer, Evelyn Katz, Ron Kolm, Linda Lerner, Efrayim Levensen, Erica Mapp, Joshua Meander, Yinka Meander, James McMenamin, Carrie M. Radna, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Joan Kitcher-White, and more.


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