“Angel Fire” Acceptance by Alien Buddha Press

Thank you Red Focks and Jay Miner of Alien Buddha Press for accepting my first novel, “Angel Fire.” We are aiming for the book to release by spring 2020.

MEOW 😸 I want to thank Cindy Sostchen-Hochman for her editorial guidance and advice on submitting to this press. Thank you Roxanne Hoffman and Elizabeth Smith for your support, advice, et al throughout the years. 
A special thank you to Mardine Herrick who encouraged me to keep writing. I came a long way baby. It took about 25 tries, including an agent back in 2009, before getting published. #AlienBuddhaPress.

In the early ’90s, I began scribbling in a large green notebook. I called this story, “Invisible Souls.” After numerous revisions, twists and turns in editing, the story changed, as well as the title. Life’s events grew more cynical along with my words and beliefs. The end result was “Angel Fire.”

Angel Fire is a novel, inspired by personal experiences and nightmares, that delves into the lives of three women protagonists, Sarah Kahn, Kate Robbins, and Dana Chu, living and working in New York City during the ’90s through the post- 9/11 world and the Obama election. The book is comprised of over 57,000 words, broken down into twenty-one chapters and an epilogue. The narrative contains elements of magic realism/ urban fantasy, and beyond the wry humor, there are bizarre twists involving erotic dreams, curses, cats, and paranormal visitations from a precocious ten-year-old girl named Allie, turning this story into a psychological thriller. Allie’s need to channel the horrific events of her young life influences, and in many ways takes over, the lives of Sarah, Kate, and Dana. The child is desperate because she wants to at last be freed from her mysterious abductor and believes she can only do so by trapping Sarah and Kate into aberrant encounters with her captor in a strange and terrible, yet oddly poetic, dreamscape.

Stay tuned for more details around the holidays or after.

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