Zinc Bar Video from Don Yorty

Zinc Bar Video from Don Yorty

Thank you Don Yorty for this wonderful video and promo for my books for Hanukkah and Christmas


Check out this amazing video from Don Yorty Explorations
of my reading at the Zinc Bar back on September 29th.

Co-features were Jennifer Juneau and Francine Witte.

From Don’s blog:

“There are important stones one never sees because they are the foundation that hold everything up; not only the capitol, the stadium, and the church, but even the poetry reading. What are buildings or books without the words? Over the years, Patricia Carragon has offered her good spirits and support along with the poetry she writes, publishing and giving others venues to read at and be heard. A visible foundation, worthy of thanks, Patricia Carragon read at the Zinc Bar last September and I wanted to be there to catch her words. She read from three recently published books, InnocenceThe Cupcake Chronicles, and Meowku. The joie de vivre of her work makes the time pass, and while it does, you nod, enjoy and laugh; to know her is to love her you will understand at last.”

Click and enjoy my reading

Innocence is published by Finishing Line Press, and can also be found on Amzon. You can check out FLP here:


The Cupcake Chronicles and Meowku are published by Poets Wear Prada. They can also be found online at Amazon. You can check PWP here:http://www.poetswearprada.com/



With Tony Dohr, Jennifer Juneau and Francine Witte at Zinc Bar


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