August Publication News

August Publication News

Some happy news from Brooklyn:

“Mr. Lipson” is the featured poem for Yellow Chair Review for August 26, 2015

Also, my poem, “White Flag,” is in Nomad’s Choir, Summer 2015, Vol. 23, Issue 3, with other poets:

Bradford Vickers, Joan Kitcher-White, Fred Simpson, James McMenamin, Elyzabeth Ahne, Bernard Block, Marjorie Desinor, Jack Cooper, Robert Gibbons, Diane Alexy. Anthony Vigorito, Alexandra Portal, Lyn Lifshin, Efrayim Levenson, Rick Bonner, Anoek Van Praag, Chris Robin/ M.T.K., Joshua Meander, Theresa Rose, Dawn Zapletal, Valerie Stephens, Laurence Overmire, Ankita Chaturvedi, Donnelle McGee, Fide Erken, Rachel Smith, Peter Coca, Diane Alexy, Betty J. Sayles, and Robert Paczkowski.


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