Pushcart Nominations for 2022

Pushcart Nominations for 2022

We are happy to announce the nomination of 6 poets from the Brownstone Poets 2021 Anthology for a Pushcart Prize. Winners will be announced next year and published in the next edition of the Pushcart Prize anthology, edited by Bill Henderson with the Pushcart Prize Editors.

Congratulations to:

Carrrie Magness Radna, Emira Mitre Kokomani, Ernest Woodley,

Jeff Cottrill, Megha Sood, Ron Bremner

Title of Poem
Carrie Magness Radna“Sarah (no. 100 of Woman’s names sensual series)”
Emira Mitre Kokomani“The Existence”
Ernest Woodley“Fighting the wind, chasing the pen”
Jeff Cottrill“This Is Not Real Poetry”
Megha Sood“Poem and its hunger”
Ron Bremner“Zika”

Once again, congratulations for your fine work!

Good luck to you!

Patricia Carragon

Editor-in-Chief/ Publisher

Brownstone Poets Brooklyn, NY 11214


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