The Unbearables Big Book of Sex

Happy to have my Voodoo poem in this epic and sultry anthology, the Unbearables Big Book of Sex.
Contributors  include:
Jonatham Lethem, Samuel Delany, Penny Arcade, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Bob Holman, Chavisa Woods, Tsaurah Litzky, Gerard Malanga, Jordan Zinovich, Jennifer Blowdryer, Susan Scutti, Susan Maurer, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo, Tom Savage, Eve Packer, Ron Kolm, Carol Wierzbicki, Shalom Neuman, Jim Feast, Erik La Prada, Amy Ouzoonian, Dorothy Friedman, Sparrow, Bruce Weber, Steve Cannon, George Spencer, Mike Topp, David Huberman, Kat Georges, Peter Carlaftes, Larissa Shmailo, Holly Anderson, Richard Kostelanetz, John M. Bennett, Valery and Ruth Oisteanu, Susan Yung, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Mark Sonnenfeld, Jill Rapaport, and so many more.
Check out for information on ordering a copy:


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