Review for Because All Is Not Lost

Please check out my review For Sweta Srivastava Vikram’s Because All Is Not Lost on Gently Read Literature for February:

Because All Is Not Lost: Verse On Grief, published by Modern History Press (2010), is one woman’s celebration of love for those she had lost, but whose influence continues to touch her life. Ms. Vikram’s twenty poems do not dwell under the mourning veil. They speak of never-ending life in memories, hope, and inspiration, even skeptics, like myself, can appreciate and respect. The deaths of Sweta’s paternal grandfather, Dada, and her mother’s elder sister, Mausi, have deeply influenced the author and her writing. She says, I feel my Dada and Mausi’s absence every single day… But these two losses have taught me that their time had come. And that life is about celebrating those alive.
Her prose piece, A note to the biggest thief in this world, resonates with me the most. It protests against loss. Its universality of words goes beyond loss through death. It can also relate to those who have suffered from any situation beyond their control, whether human or nature related. But the message here is the same – the transcendence of suffering through hope and Sweta does it eloquently throughout, and especially in her final paragraph: 
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