Carragon Upcoming Readings February-March 2020

A New Decade for Sharing Words.

Photo by Marc-André Runcie-Unger

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events with other wordsmiths and more!

Will be bringing my latest books,”Meowku” and “The Cupcake Chronicles” from Poets Wear Prada to the reading. 

Saturday, February 15 

Boog City 13.5 Arts Festival

From 1:30 p.m. to 8:25 p.m. 

Unnameable Books 600 Vanderbilt Ave. 

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 11238
(718) 789-1534
Free Admission

(I go on around 6:10) 


1:30 p.m. Miwa Gemini (music)2:00 p.m. Jim Feast2:10 p.m. Bonny Finberg2:20 p.m. Carol Wierzbicki2:35 p.m. Eve Packer 2:45 p.m. Matthew Hupert3:00 p.m. Susan Weiman3:10 p.m. Dorothy Friedman August3:20 p.m. break3:30 p.m. Jane Ormerod3:40 p.m. David Lawton3:50 p.m. Jessica Rogers-Cerrato4:00 p.m. Natalie Mack (music)4:15 p.m. Evie Ivy4:25 p.m. Karen Neuberg4:35 p.m. Jason Zuzga-154:50 p.m. Natalie Mack (music)5:05 p.m. breakHost TBD6:00 p.m. Amy Barone6:10 p.m. Patricia Carragon6:20 p.m Hugo dos Santos6:35 p.m. Cynthia Dewi Oka-156:50 p.m. Meghann Boltz-157:05 p.m. Jason Trachtenburg (music)7:35 p.m. Wanda Phipps7:35 p.m. Jean-Paul Pecqueur7:45 p.m. Kirwyn Sutherland-158:00 p.m. Joanna Fuhrman8:10 p.m. Suzan Jivan-158:25 p.m. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thursday, February 27 
NeuroNautic Institute Presents
From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Joel Allegretti
Patricia Carragon
John J. Trause
Hosted by Matthew Hubert
KGB Red Room
85 E.4th Street NYC 10003 3rd Floor up
Free Admission – 2 Drink Minimum 

Friday, March 6 The New Feminine: 

Poetry/Flash Reading and Open Mic 

Meet and hear

the fabulous writers from Poets Wear Prada:
Patricia Carragon

Iris N. Schwartz


Chocolate Waters

Hosted by Roxanne Hoffman


Bureau of General Services / Queer Division

208 W 13th St, Rm 210 NYC 10011

from 7 p.m to 9 p.m.




Patricia Carragon Oktoberfest of Poetry Events

Patricia Carragon Oktoberfest of Poetry Events




Unbearables and Friends: 100 Thousand Poets for Change

This is an invitation to join the Unbearables and friends

on October 7, Saturday, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Unbearables and Friends: 

100 Thousand Poets for Change

Parkside Lounge

317 E. Houston Street

NYC- 10002

Subway: F to Second Avenue, D to Broadway/ Lafayette

Hosted by Francine Witte and Ron Kolm

Facebook Event:

Please check the MTA Weekender for updates:

This is an invitation to join the Unbearables and friends as they take part in the international event 100 Thousand Poets for Change by reading their work at the Parkside Lounge.

This event will be free, though there is a two drink minimum –
the Parkside does have two dollar drinks, so we hope this isn’t a problem for anyone. We will also be passing the hat to help with expenses.

We would like to thank Michael Rothenberg for creating 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and for his continued support to poets around the world who participate. Many of the events in other countries will take place on September 30th, but Michael recognized the 30th is also Yom Kippur, so he gave organizers some leeway on choosing another date.

Hosted by Francine Witte and Ron Kolm, with the following poets participating:

1. Francine Witte
2. Jane Ormerod
3. Carol Wierzbicki
4. David Lawton
5. Thomas Fucaloro
6. Aimee Herman
7. John Trause
8. Brendaliz Guerro
9. Phillip Giambri
10. Bill Considine
11. Bruce Weber
12. Joanne Pagano
13. Richard West
14. Puma Perl
15. Matthew Hupert
16. Joel Alegretti
17. Amy Barone
18. Rob Hardin
19. Su Yung
20. Patricia Carragon
21. Jason Gallagher
22. Pete Dolack
23. Mitch Corber
24. Jim Feast
25. Jill Rapaport
26. Tsaurah Litzky
27. Deborah Pintonelli
28. Carl Watson
29. Sparrow
30. Gordon Gilbert
31. Larissa Shmailo
32. Bob Holman
33. David Huberman
34. Tom Savage
35. Bonny Finberg
36. Valery Oisteanu
37. Bob Quatrone
38. Jeff Wright
39. Dorothy Friedman
40. Eve Packer

Filmed by Mitch Corber


Faultlines: a Reading

Saturday, October 14 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

poet/performers/persons: we are:

Sparrow, Eve Packer, Carol Wierzbicki, Jim Feast,
Francine Witte, Danny Shot,Tsaurah Litzky, Austin Alexis,
Stella Padnos, Robert Gibbons, Brendaliz Guerrero,
Jason R. Gallagher, Patricia Carragon, Stephen Kwok,
Lehman Weichselbaum, David Huberman and TBA

The Theme: ‘Faultline–Seismic Shifts’
Reading from someone else’s, then our own stuff–

Free event

Host: Eve Packer

Subway: Q, B to Seventh Avenue

2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza

Facebook Event:

Please check the MTA Weekender for updates:


Risk of Discovery Series

Tuesday, October 17 at 7 p.m.

Patricia Carragon

Blue Cups

38-04 61st Street

Woodside, NY 11377

(917) 832-6940

Hosted by Micah Eaton Zevin

Facebook Event:

Subway: 7 to 61st Street Woodside

Open Mic

Free admission but please support the café 💗



at 6/15 Green

Patricia Carragon and Gabriel Levicky

Wednesday, October 18 at 6 p.m.

AT 6/15 GREEN (a community garden) at the corner of

6th Avenue and 15th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn


Hosted by Emily Brown

6/15 Green is easily accessible by mass transit using the F train (7th Ave. Or 15th St. Stations), the R train (Prospect Ave.) And the 68, 63 and 61 buses. 6/15 Green is a 501 ( c) 3 organization. Please visit the website for more information:

I’m honored to be one of the guest readers on Saturday, October 21 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

at YogaSole
254 Windsor Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 541-1382

Take the F or G train to 15th Street/Prospect Park Station. Exit Windsor Place

Brooklyn Launch of

Yuyutsu Sharma’s Eternal Snow

& A Workshop with the Himalayan Poet

Saturday Oct 21st

Workshop will be 6:00pm – 7:00pm $25pp

(includes reading)

Reading will be 7:30pm – 9:00pm $10pp

In the workshop

Yuyu will share his experiences and recite mantras and prayers to evoke the Himalayan world, especially, Devataatma, a Sanskrit word for the Himalayas, meaning the place where Soul of the God lives. After years of traveling the globe as an itinerant poet, Yuyutsu Sharma has earned the respect and admiration of thousands of people all over the world. Yuyu will unravel the secrets of Himalayan spirituality, inducing the participants to write fresh poetry likely to be published in the second volume of Eternal Snow.

The Reading will be the

The Brooklyn launch of

“Eternal Snow:  A Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Twenty-Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma

will take place.

Editors will share their experiences of editing this mammon anthology.

Select Poets include:

David Austell, Kathleen D Gallagher, Ruth Danon, Carolyn Wells, Catherine Gigante-Brown, Jack Tar, Nancy R Lange, Bill Wolak, Robert Scotto, Michael Graves, Bari Falise,  Christi Shannon Kline, Dan Szczesny, Jack Tar, Marion Palm, Eugene Hyon, Patricia Carragon,
Jan Garden Castro

 & others will read from the book.



PEN Women’s Literary Workshop

Wednesday, October 25 from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

588 Broadway, Suite 303.  ph: 212-334-1660; website:

Hosted by Ilsa Gilbert

Free Admission

with Ilsa Gilbert, Rosalie Calabrese, Bracha Nechama Bromze,
Patricia Carragon, Jan Emerson, Anna Michaels-Gaudreau,
Madeline Millan, and more.

Subways: F, D, B, M to Broadway/Lafayette  6 to Bleecker St.

Boog City 11 September 15 through September 19




I’m reading in the Poets Theater for Austin Alexis and Davidson Garrett on Sunday, Sept 17 at Sidewalk Cafe.
6:15 p.m. “Charity” by Austin Alexis
6:30 p.m. “Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen” by Davidson Garrett
Scroll down and check out the events:
Events from 9/15 through 9/19
Welcome to Boog City 11: logo Laynie Browne; fest curators: poetry-Ron Kolm, Christina, Strong, Joanne Pagano Weber, and myself; panel-Kolm; film-Joel Schlemowitz; music-R. Brookes Mckenzie; and poets theater-Joel Allegretti.

Among the festival highlights are:

—Boog’s d.a. levy lives series kicks off its 15th season devoting an afternoon to Columbus, Ohio’s Luna Bisonte Prods;

—Our Classic Album Live series presents, for its 40th anniversary, the Original Soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever, performed live by 10 local music acts, preceded by a screening of the film;

—our 9th Poets’ Theater night, featuring 8 short plays.

—our Poetry Talk Talk will feature poets Katy Lederer and David Larsen reading and in conversation

—our panel Poetry in the Age of Trump: Where do we go from here?

The full schedule for the event is below this note, followed by performer bios and websites.You can also view it as a Facebook event:

If you need any additional information you can reach me at 212-842-BOOG (2664) or

as ever,


11th Annual

Welcome to Boog City festival
5 Days of Poetry, Music, Theater, and Film

FRI. SEPT. 15, 6:00 p.m.
$5 suggested

Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
(bet. Prospect Place/St. Marks Avenue)
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Directions: 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza,
C to Clinton-Washington aves, Q to 7th Avenue

6:00 p.m. David Huberman
6:10 p.m. Madeline Artenberg
6:20 p.m. Jim Feast
6:30 p.m. Larissa Shmailo
6:40 p.m. Poetry Talk Talk, Katy Lederer and David Larsen reading and in conversation, Pt. 1
7:10 p.m. Dorit (music)
7:40 p.m. break
7:50 p.m. Poetry Talk Talk, Katy Lederer and David Larsen reading and in conversation, Pt. 2
8:20 p.m. E. J. Antonio
8:30 p.m. Maria Damon
8:40 p.m. Jasmine Dreame Wagner
8:50 p.m. Laura Henriksen
9:00 p.m. Normant Salant (music)

SAT. SEPT. 16, 1:00 p.m.
$5 suggested

Unnameable Books

1:00 p.m. Katie Skare (music)
1:30 p.m. Jackie Clark
1:40 p.m. Jaclyn Lovell
1:50 p.m. Emma Brown Sanders
2:05 p.m. J. Hope Stein
2:15 p.m. Alina Pleskova
2:30 p.m. Megan Brothers
2:40 p.m. Kathryn Pringle
2:55 p.m. Nada Gordon
3:05 p.m. Trace Peterson

3:15 p.m. break

d.a. levy lives: celebrating renegade presses
Luna Bisonte Prods (Columbus, Ohio)
3:25 p.m. Bob Heman
3:40 p.m. Nico Vassilakis
3:55 p.m. Ben Bennett (music, 1st set)
4:10 p.m. C. Mehrl Bennett
4:25 p.m. John M. Bennett
4:40 p.m. Ben Bennett (music, 2nd set)
4:55 p.m. Stacey Allam
5:05 p.m. Yuko Otomo
5:15 p.m. Steve Dalachinsky

5:25 p.m. Lee Ann Brown
5:35 p.m. Su Polo
5:45 p.m. Joseph P. O’Brien
5:55 p.m. Mark Lamoureux
6:10 p.m. Brian Bonelli (music)
6:40 p.m. Phillip X Levine
6:50 p.m. Kennyatta JP Garcia
7:05 p.m. Mary Elizabeth Clark
7:15 p.m. Ptr Kozlowski
7:25 p.m. Big Mike Logan

SUN. SEPT. 17, 5:00 p.m.
$5 suggested

Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A
(at E. 6th St.)
The East Village

Directions: A/B/C/D/E/F/V to W. 4th St., F/V to 2nd Ave., L to 1st Ave.

9th Boog Poets’ Theater Night, featuring:

5:00 p.m. “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Robert Moulthrop

5:15 p.m. “I wore suspenders …” by Trae Herman-Durica

5:30 p.m. “Dating van Gogh” by Francine Witte

5:45 p.m. “A Butterfly for Nabokov” by LuLu LoLo

6:00 p.m. “Rice Paper Heart” by Hydrogen Junkbox

6:15 p.m. “Charity” by Austin Alexis

6:30 p.m. “Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen” by Davidson Garrett

6:45 p.m. “The Guides of March” by John J. Trause


8:30 p.m. Kathryn Addisman
8:40 p.m. Valery Oisteanu
8:50 p.m. Eliot Katz
9:00 p.m. Myrna Nieves
9:10 p.m. Susan Sherman
9:20 p.m. Films

10:20 p.m. David Segovia (music)

MON. SEPT. 18, 6:00 p.m.
$5 suggested

Unnameable Books

6:00 p.m. Panel:

Poetry in the Age of Trump: Where do we go from here?

Curated and moderated by Ron Kolm.
Panelists: Jill Rapaport, George Wallace, Carl Watson, Carol Wierzbicki, and Francine Witte.
7:05 p.m. Bipolar Bradley (music)

7:35 p.m. break

7:45 p.m. Lynne DeSilva Johnson
7:55 p.m. Susan Weiman
8:10 p.m. David Elsasser
8:25 p.m. Thad Rutkowski
8:35 p.m. Michele Carlo
8:45 p.m. Kirt Wiley (music)

TUES. SEPT. 19, 5:30 p.m.
$5 suggested

Sidewalk Cafe

Saturday Night Fever,

Movie Screening,

Followed by Live Performance of the Original Soundtrack

–SLOT 1–
“Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees) Jim Melloan
“How Deep Is Your Love” (Bee Gees) T0SKA

–SLOT 2–
“Night Fever” (Bee Gees) HORRA
“More Than a Woman” (Bee Gees) Hearth

–SLOT 3–
“If I Can’t Have You” (Yvonne Elliman) Dorit
“A Fifth of Beethoven” (Walter Murphy) Ben Krieger

–SLOT 4–
“More Than a Woman” (Tavares) SHORT REPRISE by Hearth
“Manhattan Skyline” (David Shire) TBD

–SLOT 5–
“Calypso Breakdown” (Ralph MacDonald) TBD

–SLOT 6–
“Night on Disco Mountain” (David Shire) Peter Dizozza
“Open Sesame” (Kool & the Gang) TBD

–SLOT 7–
“Jive Talkin’ “ (Bee Gees) Nick Danger Feder
“You Should Be Dancing” (Bee Gees) Michael Birch

–SLOT 8–
“Boogie Shoes” (KC and the Sunshine Band) TBD
“Salsation” (David Shire) TBD
“K-Jee” (MFSB) TBD

–SLOT 9–
“Disco Inferno” (The Trammps) TBD

festival curator
David A. Kirschenbaum


**Welcome to Boog City 11 Bios and Websites**

Classic Albums Live Presents
for its 40th Anniversary,
Saturday Night FeverOriginal Soundtrack

**Michael Birch
Michael Birch is a multi-talented actor and performer who is most well known for playing the father in the popular Key of Awesome Youtube parody series. He also plays ukelele and sings in a band called Fish & Chips.

**Peter Dizozza
Peter Dizozza is a New York City-based playwright, songwriter, and piano virtuoso. His day job as a lawyer doesn’t impede him from working as the theater director at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, playwright/composer at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, and in-house counsel and content provider at

Brooklyn-based indie folk duo Hearth consists of two charming young girls, Sara Horton and Melanie Wiggins, who sing and play their quirky, soulful songs about everything from the vagaries of love in the time of dudebros and Nice Guys to immigration, with a heaping helping of clever covers thrown in.

Like an even darker Sonny and Cher, Horra consists of the dynamic tag team of Miss Represent (Margo Goldstein) on guitar and vocals and Loose Lid (Matthew Seneca) on piano and vocals. Their songs are creepy, funny, unsettling, and subversive.

**Dorit Elena King
Dorit is an award-winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She has fronted and performed with various bands from hard rock and Metal, to Eastern European Gypsy Bands, and Middle Eastern and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) ensembles. As a solo singer/songwriter Dorit has performed at various music festivals such as South by Southwest, Dewey Beach Music Festival, Nerfa, Chicago World Music Festival, and Make Music New York. Dorit started off playing classical piano for 15 years, and then in high school she built a classical guitar in a science technology lab and began to play. Later, while performing Middle Eastern dance, she would often sit in with the master musicians and there she learned to play Arabic percussion instruments. Dorit plays guitar, piano, percussion, and has currently picked up the ukulele after receiving one as a gift.

**Jim Melloan
Jim is a writer, editor, actor, and musician. Currently a freelance editor for Princeton Review; he has also worked with Random House. Recently he wrote an article for The New York Observer. Last year he appeared in three different productions of a play called 64. He plays keyboard and writes songs, often in a pop/jazz vein, often with funny, borderline or over-the-line offensive lyrics. He hangs out a lot with the community of downtown performers that call themselves the Art Stars. In times past he did a fair amount of acting in plays and improv comedy. He was also a founding member of ImprovBoston.

Philosophy grad student by night and musician also by night, T0SKA makes melancholic synthpop about vultures, vipers, and failure to communicate. Her second album is forthcoming in 2017.

9th Boog Poets Theater Night

**Austin Alexis, Charity
Americans have always believed in supporting charitable causes, but too many requests for financial contributions can be hazardous to your health.
Austin Alexis has had his one-act plays performed or read at the Samuel French Short Plays Festival, Theater for the New City, Boog Poets Theater, and other venues, and has been published in Barrow Street, Rabbit Ears: TV Poems, and other journals and anthologies.

Jason Gallagher is a professor and writer from Upper Manhattan.

David Huberman is the Ranter and Raver of the Lower East Side.

Mindy Levokove is a multi-media performance poet who teaches qigong and tai chi, as well as adult literacy and numeracy.

Eve Packer, Bronx-born poet/performer/actress, has released three books of poetry and five poetry/jazz CDs. She has received awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, among many others.

**Trae Herman-Durica, I wore suspenders …
A transgender man reminisces about his self-discovery to his childhood teddy bear.
Trae Herman-Durica is a Brooklyn-based artist who is constantly learning what it means to be human.

Traveler Bear is old, cranky, and over all your bullshit, but loves you anyway, because that’s what teddy bears do.

**Davidson Garrett, Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen
Famed New York newspaper columnist Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her bed on Nov. 8, 1965. Alcohol and barbiturate intoxication was the official cause, but was it? Did her death have a link to JFK’s assassination?
Davidson Garrett ( is a poet/actor/publisher/taxi driver whose latest chapbook is What Happened to the Man Who Taught Me Beowulf? and Other Poems, published by Advent Purple Press.

Patricia Carragon’s ( latest book is Innocence (Finishing Line Press). The Cupcake Chronicles is forthcoming from Poets Wear Prada.

LuLu LoLo ( is an international performance artist/playwright/actor and activist who has written and performed eight one-person plays Off-Broadway.

John J. Trause, the director of Oradell Public Library and a multiyear participant in Boog Poets Theater, is the author of five books of poetry—with Why Sing?, a book of traditional and experimental poems, forthcoming from Sensitive Skin Press in 2017—and one of parody, Latter-Day Litany (Éditions élastiques), the latter staged Off Broadway.

**Hydrogen Junkbox, Rice Paper Heart
When all is said and done, love craves musical accompaniment.
Hydrogen Junkbox is a collective of poets and music makers, featuring David Lawton, Aimee Herman, and Zita Zenda. The group has made featured appearances at LaMama, Dixon Place, and Parkside Lounge.

**LuLu LoLo, A Butterfly for Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov was an enthusiastic lepidopterist. Now, one of his butterflies has her say.
LuLu LoLo (Bio in Davidson Garrett’s Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen.)

**Robert Moulthrop, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Yes, it is, especially when the two of you are sitting next to each other in a café and texting.

Robert Moulthrop ( is a fiction writer, playwright, and translator of children’s books.

Griffin DuBois ( is sometimes a voice actor, sometimes a face actor, and sometimes both at the same time.

Morgan Zipf-Meister ( is an actor, New York Innovative Theatre Award-nominated lighting designer, and Moth storyteller.

**John J. Trause, The Guides of March
Four thespians perform Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, minus the dialogue.
Davidson Garrett (bio in Davidson Garrett’s Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen.)

David Lawton once acted in a terrible production of Julius Caesar in Boston. This is much less painful.

LuLu LoLo (bio in LuLu LoLo’s A Butterfly for Nabokov.)

John J. Trause (bio in Davidson Garrett’s Conspiracy Theory: The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen)

**Francine Witte, Dating van Gogh
Sometimes the spurned wife has the last word … for a long time.
Seth Goldman is one of the Bards of Gridlock, a group of Crabbie Cabbies who dream of writing sweet prose.

Francine Witte writes plays, poetry, and flash fiction and reads throughout Manhattan.


levy lives: celebrating renegade presses

**Luna Bisonte Prods
LUNA BISONTE PRODS began around 1950, when I, as a child, made little book-like objects out of paper, matchboxes, and the like, and threw them into the Pacific Ocean on a return from Japan. There were other efforts of that type through the mid-1960’s. The name Luna Bisonte Prods came about in 1974 and became the portal through which I continued making small books, chapbooks, cards, labels, and other products. In 1975 the journal Lost & Found Times was born, which continued through 2005. Since that time in the mid-1970’s, LBP has published or released thousands of broadsides, TLPs (“Tacky Little Pamphlets”), objects, one-of-a-kind books, chapbooks, artist’s books, Lost & Found Times and some other shorter-lived serials, audio and video works, print edition books, print-on-demand books, tons of mail art, and numerous stunts, gags, and performances.

**Stacey Allam
The fact that I had to search for this photo of just me alone says volumes about me. I am 56 years old and have been married for 27 years. I have two children, 25 and 23 respectively. I’m originally from Rego Park, Queens, NY, but have resided in Brooklyn for 28 years. I have been writing poetry most of my life.

**Ben Bennett
Philadelphia-based percussionist Ben Bennett’s unassuming appearance provides no hints to the astounding, iconoclastic creativity within, fueled by a desire to get the most varied and visceral array of sounds from the simplest of instruments. Using a wide assortment of drums, cymbals, tubes, pieces of metal and various found objects, Bennett not only strikes them but also uses friction and his own lungs to gently coax or violently wrench unusual and unfamiliar sounds from them. Bennett has quickly built up a reputation in the universe of free improv with his solo performances, collaborations with many notable improvisers.
Within the last two years, Bennett has gained international notoriety for his series of “Sitting and Smiling” Internet videos, which feature him sitting without moving for four-hour blocks of time, bearing an enormous grin on his face. These 271 videos (and counting) have cumulatively garnered over ten million views from people in over 200 countries and have been the subject of articles in The Atlantic, Vice and many other media outlets. Bennett is also a performance artist, spoken-word artist, sculptor and forager.

**C. Mehrl Bennett
C. Mehrl Bennett studied art at MCDA, Mpls. MN a year and a half, and graduated in 1975 with a liberal arts B.A. (painting/drawing major) from Clarke University, Dubuque, IA. Her primary focus has been on the assembly of found objects, collage, drawing and painting, and writing poetry or short songs, and performance art. With her art, various scanned or found objects, and text she digitally manipulates or collages visual poetry, or makes temporary installations., handmade books, mailart,or online posts. Collaborations, visual poetry video, sound poetry recordings, and fluxus or poetry performances and publications, conducting workshops all figure in her bio. CMB is book designer/ associate editor of Luna Bisonte Prods.

**John M. Bennett
John M. Bennett has published over 400 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of Lost and Found Times (1975-2005), and is Founding Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him “the seminal American poet of my generation.” His work, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries. His Ph.D. (UCLA 1970) is in Latin American Literature. His latest books are Select Poems, Poetry Hotel Press/Luna Bisonte Prods, 2016; and The World of Burning, Luna Bisonte Prods, 2017.

**Bob Heman
Bob Heman’s poems and prose poems have appeared in numerous journals including New American Writing, Sentence, Otoliths, Caliban, The Prose Poem: an International Journal, Quick Fiction, and Lost and Found Times. He has edited CLWN WR and its predecessor Clown War since the early 1970s. His art includes collages, drawings, and cut-outs [“participatory cut-out multiples on paper”]. In the late 1970s he was an art-in-residence at The Brooklyn Museum.

**Nico Vassilakis
Nico Vassilakis wrestles letters to free them of their word scrum. Many of his results can be found online and on his website, Staring Poetics. Alphabet Noir, a book of poems/texts about visual poetry, is out from c_L Books. Another book coming out is In The Breast Pocket Of A Fine Overcast Day from Deadly Chaps Press. Nico was vispo editor for Coldfront magazine and is now contributing editor at


‘Poetry in the Age of Trump: Where do we go from here?’

Moderator and Curator
Ron Kolm


**Jill Rapaport
Jill Rapaport is the author of Duchamp et Moi and Other Stories, published by Fly by Night Press/A Gathering of the Tribes. Her work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, and she has read in New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago, among other cities. Rapaport is the editor, publisher, and disseminator of the I.H.I.Y.W. and I.H.I.W.S. Newsletters, which specialize in analysis of contemporary developments. Scott Butek photo.

**George Wallace
George Wallace is author of 31 chapbooks of poetry, editor of Poetrybay and co-editor of Great Weather for Media. Writer in Residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace since 2011, in 2015 he was named first poet laureate of the National Beat Poetry Festival. Alexis Rhone Fancher photo.

**Carl Watson
Carl Watson is a poet, fiction writer, playwright and critic. Watson has written cultural criticism and reviews for various journals including The Village Voice, NY Press, Downtown, Tribes, and The Williamsburg Observer. He is the author of several books of fiction, including Bricolage ex Machina (Lost Modern Press), Beneath the Empire of the Birds (Apathy Press), The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts (Unbearable Books/Autonomedia), and Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming, a novel published by Sensitive Skin Books. He has also published several collections of poetry, including Anarcadium Pan (Erie Street Press), Living for the Ecstasy Sect, Confessions of an Aspirin Eater, The Green Man (Apathy). His latest collection, Astral Botanica, is published by Fly by Night Press. He has been published in various journals including Sensitive Skin, The Brooklyn Rail, and the Evergreen Review. Watson received the Kathy Acker Award for Fiction in 2012.

**Caro Wierzbicki
Carol Wierzbicki’s work has been published in Long Shot, Public Illumination, Evergreen Review, Big Bridge, Many Mountains Moving, The Otter, and The Bug Book (anthology forthcoming from Poets Wear Prada). Her chapbook is Top Teen Greatest Hits (Poets Wear Prada, 2009 and 2017). She is is co-editor of the Unbearables “Worst Book” and “Sex” anthologies.

**Francine Witte
Francine Witte is a poet, flash fiction writer, photographer, blogger, and reviewer. Her poetry chapbook Not All Fires Burn the Same won the 2016 Slipstream Press Award and was published by them. She is s former high school teacher. She lives in NYC.


**Poet/Musician Bios

**Kathryn Addisman
Kathryn Adisman is a Manhattan-born writer/raconteur with a background in poetry, theater, and dance. She holds a Master’s in poetry from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins and an M.F.A. in playwriting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She was a copy editor at People until 2008 and currently teaches Feldenkrais® “Awareness Through Movement” classes and writes about downtown places for The Villager. Adisman is the host/producer of two shows at Cornelia Street Café, “Tapping into New York” and “What Were the ‘60s Really Like?” which debuted on Inauguration Day in response to the Trump election. Susan Rae Tannenbaum photo.

**E. J. Antonio
E.J. Antonio has received fellowships in Poetry from The New York Foundation for the Arts, the Hurston/Wright Foundation and The Cave Canem Foundation. She has appeared as a featured reader and performer at several venues in the N.Y. tri-state area, including The Po’Jazz Series at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, The Cultural Café at the East Orange Public Library, Why Not Jazz Room, Word Sunday Reading Series, Arts Westchester, The Stone, and The Hobart Festival of Women Writers. Her work has been published in various journals, magazines, and anthologies, including African Voices Literary Magazine, Black Renaissance Noire, The Mom Egg, Killens Review of Arts & Letters, Casa de Cinco, and Cave Canem Anthologies XII and XIII. Antonio is the author of two chapbooks, Every Child Knows, Premier Poets Chapbook Series 2007 and Solstice, Red Glass Books, 2013, and the cd Rituals in the marrow: Recipe for a jam session, and is a founding member of the Jazz & Poetry Choir Collective.

**Madeline Artenberg
Madeline Artenberg’s poetry has appeared in many print and online publications, such as Vernacular and Rattle. She has work forthcoming in Maintenant 11. The Old In-and-Out, a play based on her poetry and that of Karen Hildebrand, garnered raves in 2013. She won Lyric Recovery and Poetry Forum prizes, was semi-finalist in Margie, The American Journal of Poetry contest, and honorable mention in the 2017 Highland Park Poetry Challenge. Craig Tobias photo.

**Brian Bonelli
Brian Bonelli is a sad little man who plays original fingerstyle guitar instrumentals about presidents. He has been described as “a great musician with the voice of a used car salesman.” Conan O’Brien once (unfavorably) compared him to Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs.” He’s working on branching out into songs with lyrics that are not about presidents!

**Megan Brothers
Meagan Brothers is the author of three novels for young adults; Debbie Harry Sings in French; its prequel, Supergirl Mixtapes; and Weird Girl and What’s His Name, which was named one of Kirkus Review’s Best Teen Books of 2015. Her poetry has appeared most recently in Before Passing, a Great Weather for Media anthology, and in the PostMortem issue of POSTblank Magazine. Meagan has also been, variously, a musician, a performing poet, a record store clerk, and an adjunct professor of creative writing at Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. A native Carolinian, she lives and works in New York City. Jackie Sheeler photo.

**Lee Ann Brown
Lee Ann Brown is a writer, curator, and publisher whose poetry has won such awards as the Fence Modern Poets Series and the New American Poetry Competition. Her collection, Other Archer, was published in French and English editions in 2015 by Presses Universitaires de Rouen et du Havre.

**Michele Carlo
Michele Carlo is a storyteller/solo performer who has appeared across the U.S., including the MOTH’s GrandSlams and Mainstage in NYC, on NPR with Latino USA and on PBS (Latino Americans of NY & NJ, 66th & B’way Open-Mic). She is also the author of Fish Out of Agua, a memoir about growing up multi-culti in 1970s NYC and presents the “fish out of water” stories of many other artists on Fish Out of Agua with Michele Carlo, her weekly show on internet community radio station Radio Free Brooklyn. Gordon Balkcom photo.

**Steve Dalachinsky
Poet/collagist Steve Dalachinsky was born in Brooklyn after the last big war and has managed to survive lots of little wars. His book The Final Nite (Ugly Duckling Presse) won the PEN Oakland National Book Award. His latest albums are The Fallout of Dreams with Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach (Roguart) and ec(H)o-system with the French art-rock group, the Snobs (Bambalam). He has received both the Kafka and Acker Awards and is a 2014 recipient of a Chevalier D’ le Ordre des Artes et Lettres. His poem “Particle Fever” was nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize. His most recent books include Fools Gold (Feral Press); a superintendent’s eyes (Unbearable/Autonomedia); flying home, a collaboration with German visual artist Sig Bang Schmidt (Paris Lit Up Press); and “The Invisible Ray” (Overpass Press) with artwork by Shalom Neuman.

**Lynne DeSilva-Johnson
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson is a queer interdisciplinary creator working in performance, exhibition, and publication in conversation with new media. Lynne is a visiting assistant professor at Pratt, founder and managing editor of The Operating System, as well as libraries editor at Boog City. She is the author of GROUND, blood atlas, and Overview Effect, co-author of A GUN SHOW with Adam Sliwinski/Sō Percussion, and co-editor of the anthologies RESIST MUCH, OBEY LITTLE: Inaugural Poems for the Resistance, and In Corpore Sano: Creative Practice and the Challenged Body. She publishes zines and chapbooks under The Trouble With Bartleby, including the 2017 “Fighting Words” series. Recent or forthcoming publication credits include Drunken Boat/Anomaly, The Brooklyn Poets Anthology, Gorgon Poetics, Live Mag!, and a Panhtalassa Pamphlet from Tea & Tattered Pages Press. She performs often, resists always, and lives in Brooklyn NY.

**David Elsasser
David Elsasser is the poetry co-chair of the West Side Arts Coalition, and runs a weekly peer poetry workshop, the Parkside Poets, on the Upper West Side. He is a long-time participant in the New York poetry scene, and hosted the Saturn Reading with Su Polo for nine years. His most recent chapbook, Delicious, was published by NoNet Press, in Manhattan. He has been published in many places including The Riverside Poetry Anthology, Poems From 84th Street, The Parkside Anthology, Dinner With The Muse, The Brownstone Poets Anthology, and Soul Fountain. Gordon Gilbert photo.

**Jim Feast
Jim Feast is the author of Time Extends Life to Those Who Survive and a member of the Unbearables group. Nhi Chung photo.

**Nick Danger Feder
Nick Feder is a published author (Tale of Boulderoth), makes action movies (Danger Films), and plays a mean electric guitar.

**David Huberman
David Huberman has had work published in Evergreen. Review, A Gathering of the Tribes, Sensitive Skin, Long Shot, Icon, Make Room for DaDa, Best of Panic, Jews: A People’s History of the Lower East Side, The Unbearables anthologies, Prometheus, Pink Pages, and Public Illumination Magazine, plus many others. He has acted in downtown plays in NYC, including at The Public Theatre, and La Mama Theatre and has done performance at P.S. 22.

**Eliot Katz
Eliot Katz is the author of seven books of poetry, including Unlocking the Exits and Love, War, Fire, Wind. His most recent book is a readable, scholarly volume, entitled The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg. Called “another classic New Jersey bard” by Ginsberg, Katz has been a longtime activist for a wide range of peace and social-justice causes, including many years spent as an advocate for Central Jersey homeless individuals and families. Vivian Demuth photo.

**Ptr Kozlowski
Ptr Kozlowski has been a taxi driver, a deliveryman, a poet, a printer, a singer-songwriter, and a guitarist. Having lived a number of places, from Oyster Bay to Hilo Bay, he now resides in Brooklyn. He likes to draw upon his experience to bring a musical perspective to the spoken word. He’s been published in Hobo Jungle and Stained Sheets; anthologies by ABC NoRio, Great Weather for Media, and Brownstone Poets; and in South Florida Poetry Journal and Performance Poets Association Literary Review.

**David Larsen
David Larsen lives right here. His poems are as hard for him as they are for you. His translation of the many Arabic Names of the Lion compiled by Ibn Khalawayh (d. ca. 980 CE) is out this year from Wave Books.

**Katy Lederer
Katy Lederer is the author of three books of poems and a family memoir. The Collected Explosive Magazine, a perfect-bound anthology of the ten issues of the cult-classic mimeo magazine she edited between 1997 and 2007, is out this fall.

**Phillip X Levine
Phillip X Levine is Woodstock Poetry Society president and poetry editor of Chronogram magazine. His solo theatrical poetry performance piece approximate poet falls in love & can’t get up has appeared at numerous venues including Bowery Poetry Club, Cornelia Street Café, Woodstock Fringe Festival, Omega Institute, Universal Unitarian Church of Kingston, Nassau Community College, Mt. Saint Mary’s College, and Caffé Lena. His poem “Soon” appears in Firewheel Editions anthology An Introduction to the Prose Poem.
Levine believes that our most desperate endeavor is to put meaning into our lives, and he does that by writing, acting, creating. He’s chasing those iridescent moments of what Martha Graham called “queer divine dissatisfaction.” John Romualdi photo.

**Big Mike Logan
Big Mike is the author of two books of personal memoirs, 81 pounds and sibling rivalry, and anthologized in the book one millimeter, all published by pretty pollution press. He is the co-founder of performance group d day productions with poet Puma Perl, crowned Best Neptune at the 2004 annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade for his portrayal of “The Rape of Europa Guy” with his performance partners valmonte sprout and faux maux, and his youtube video “awesome dancing guy coney island rock a billy festival 2008” has received 78,235 views.

**Jaclyn Lovell
Jaclyn Lovell is a part-time assistant professor at The New School, where she received her M.F.A. Wisconsin-born, she can still catch frogs with her bare hands and continues to smile on her subway commute from Brooklyn, her home for the last seven years. When she is not writing about the relationship between princesses and hunting, or the storing of trauma in limbs, she’s officiating weddings for close friends and family. Editor-in-chief at LIT from 2009-2014, she was thrilled to be back on the editing scene this past year working with the good people at Boog City!

**Joseph P. O’Brien
Joseph P. O’Brien is the managing editor at Flapperhouse. He’s had short fiction published in Matchbook, The Alarmist, and The Rusty Nail, poems in Yes Poetry and Rag Queen Periodical, non-fiction in El Jamberoo. He lives in Brooklyn with his lovely wife and their very popular dog. Ashley O’Brien photo.

**Valery Oisteanu
Valery Oisteanu is a writer and artist with international appeal. He adopted Dada and Surrealism as a philosophy of art and life. Immigrating to New York City in 1972, and has been writing in English for the past 44 years. Oisteanu is the author of 10 books of poetry in English, three in Romanian, a book of short fiction, and a book of essays, The Avant-Gods. He is a recipient of major awards of avant-garde: Aker Award (2013) for poetry performance,” Chivot (Cavalier) of the citadel” for disseminating the Romanian avant-garde to Diaspora (2012), and “The End of the World as we know it” a Vault award in 2001. Ruth Oisteanu photo.

**Yuko Otomo
Japanese origin. A bilingual (Japanese and English) writer and a visual artist. She writes poetry, haiku, art criticism, travelogues, and essays. Her publications include Garden: Selected Haiku (Beehive Press), Fragile (Sisyphus Press), Study & Other Poems on Art (Ugly Duckling Presse), Elements (the Feral Press), and KOAN (newferalpress). She regularly writes for a collective critical writing forum “

**Alina Pleskova
Alina Pleskova lives in Philly by way of Moscow and strives to maintain optimum chill. She is coeditor of bedfellows, a literary magazine focused on narratives of sex/desire/intimacy, and cohost of Poetry Jawns, a podcast, with Emma Sanders. Recent/forthcoming poems appear in Public Pool, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Elderly, & elsewhere. Her first chapbook, What Urge Will Save Us, is out now from Spooky Girlfriend Press.

**Su Polo
Su Polo is a native New Yorker from East 27th Street. She holds a B.F.A. degree in fine art painting. She is poet, singer-songwriter, sculptor, painter, and photographer. She works as a computer graphic artist and print production designer. Polo is founder and host of the Saturn Series Poetry Reading and Open Mike for 22 years every Monday night.

**kathryn l. pringle
kathryn l. pringle’s Obscenity for the Advancement of Poetry (Omnidawn) is due out this fall. Her book fault tree won the Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Prize, selected by C.D.Wright. Her two other books are Right New Biology (Factory School) and Temper & Felicity are Lovers (Lost Roads Press). Her honors include the following: Besmilir Brigham Award, Lost Roads Press; Omnidawn 1st/2nd Book Prize; Fund for Poetry Grant 2013; and Academy of American Poets Harold Taylor Prize 2005. Her work has been anthologized in Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: A Decade of War (WODV Press), I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues), and The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare (Nightboat Books). Her work has been published in Coldfront, Denver Quarterly, Fence, Epiphany, Phoebe, Sidebrow, and others.

**Robert Roth
Robert Roth is the author of Book of Pieces and Health Proxy as well as the co-creator of
And Then magazine. Gene Brown photo.

**Thad Rutkowski
Thaddeus Rutkowski is the author of the books Guess and Check, Violent Outbursts, Haywire, Tetched, and Roughhouse. Haywire won the Members’ Choice Award, given by the Asian American Writers Workshop. He teaches at Medgar Evers College and the Writer’s Voice of the West Side YMCA in New York. He received a fiction writing fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. AAWW photo.

**Norman Salant
Norman Salant has released two EPs, Postcards from the Hanging and Wong Gar-Ku. His first full-length album is imminent.

**David Segovia
David Segovia is a folk-rock singer-songwriter from Charlotte, N.C. He now resides in Brooklyn, and he has been performing in the city for almost three years. His music is intimate, poetic, and meaningful. His style mixes the nuances of classical compositions with the raw power of rock music. He has been playing so many new songs lately at the open mics, we can’t even keep up. His back catalog on ReverbNation is quite strong, and he has one album out on Bandcamp. Maybe he’ll play some of those numbers at the fest.

**Susan Sherman
Poet, playwright, essayist, and founding editor of IKON magazine, Susan Sherman has had 13 plays produced off-off Broadway including an adaptation from Spanish of Pepe Carril’s, Shango de Ima (Doubleday). She has published seven collections of poetry; a highly acclaimed memoir, America’s Child: A Woman’s Journey through the Radical Sixties (Curbstone/Northwestern University Press); a collection of short fiction, Nirvana on Ninth Street (Wings Press); and new and selected poems, The Light that Puts an End to Dreams (Wings Press). The recipient of several writing awards including NYFA and CAPS fellowships, she is currently working on a novel, The Immigrant’s Daughter has Come and Gone, dedicated to The grandmother I never knew/ And the mother I am trying to understand.

**Larissa Shmailo
Larissa Shmailo’s latest collection of poetry is Medusa’s Country; her new novel is Patient Women. Shmailo’s work has appeared in over 30 anthologies, including Measure for Measure (Everyman’s Library/Penguin Random House), Words for the Wedding (Perigee/Penguin Putnam), Contemporary Russian Poetry (Dalkey Archive Press), and Resist Much / Obey Little (Spuyten Duyvil Press). She translated the iconic Russian Futurist opera Victory over the Sun; the libretto has been used for productions at Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Smithsonian, and the Garage Museum of Moscow. Shmailo also edited the anthology Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry (Big Bridge Press). Joel Simpson photo.

**Katie Skare
Katie Skare writes most of her songs as little pep-talks to herself. Her music is characterized by honest, insightful lyrics and memorable melody lines that kind of sound like a mash-up between Disney music and Joni Mitchell songs (yes, it is pretentious to compare yourself to Joni Mitchell, but she’s going for it). Her debut EP, Just Another, was just released on Bandcamp.

**J. Hope Stein
J. Hope Stein is the author of Talking Doll (Dancing Girl Press), Mary (Hyacinth Girl Press), and Corner Office (H_ngm_n Bks.) She is editor at Poetry Crush and the author of e.e. cattings (see url above).

**Susan Weiman
Susan Weiman writes literary nonfiction, poetry, and vignettes. Her work has been published in First Literary Review-East, Sensitive Skin, POST(blank),, Riverside Poets Anthology, Home Planet News Online, and run-to-the-roundhouse nellie. In addition, she wrote a blog about art for the Home Magazine. Weiman is an artist, jewelry-maker and iPhone photographer. She was born in Richmond, Va., and has lived in Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and New York. “I tried to escape from NYC twice,” she says. “It didn’t happen.” Her most difficult move was from Manhattan to Astoria. “It was as if I had arrived in a different country.” Linda Casbon photo.

Welcome to Boog City 10

Welcome to Boog City 10

Welcome to Boog City 10
From Friday, August 5 to Tuesday, August 9, experience to excitement of Poetry, Music, and Theater.
Thank you David Kirchenbaum for another year of fun.
Facebook Event
I will be performing on Sunday, August 7 at 11:40 a.m. at Unnamable Books @ 600 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn 11238
Subways: Q to Seventh Ave, 2, 3 to Grand Army Plaza

Also, I will be performing on Sunday, August 7 in Davidson Garrett’s plays at The Sidewalk Cafe @ 94 Ave A, NYC 10009
Subway: F to 2nd Ave

6:45 p.m. Unfinished Acts by Christine Choi
7:00 p.m. An Excerpt from Tacoma Method by Zhang Er

Here is the List of Events below:

Here is the List of Events below:


Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn 11238

5:45 p.m. Jonathan Berger
5:55 p.m. Martha King
6:05 p.m. Rachel Aydt
6:15 p.m. Ivy Johnson
6:30 p.m. Wanda Phipps
6:40 p.m. Greg Fuchs
6:50 p.m. Christina Strong
7:05 p.m. Basil King
7:15 p.m. Lisa Liu (music)

7:45 p.m. break

7:55 p.m. Katie Yates
8:10 p.m. Jean-Paul Pecqueur
8:20 p.m. Dan Wilcox
8:35 p.m. J. Hope Stein
8:45 p.m. Anselm Berrigan
8:55 p.m. Sean Cole
9:05 p.m. Cannonball Statman (music)


Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn 11238

11:40 a.m. Belladonna* Reader TBA (Chialun Chang, collaborative member)
11:50 a.m. John J. Trause, great weather for MEDIA (Jane Ormerod, ed.)
12:00 p.m. Ryan Sheldon, Hostile Books (Joseph Hall, ed.)
12:10 p.m. Daniel Nester, 99: The Press (Jonathan Silverman, ed.)
12:20 p.m. Jason Baker
12:30 p.m. Josh Garcia (music)

1:00 p.m. break

1:10 p.m. Isabel Sobral Campos
1:20 p.m. Maryan Captan
1:35 p.m. Barry Grass
1:50 p.m. Maria Flaccavento
2:05 p.m. Christy Davids
2:20 p.m. Billy Cancel
2:30 p.m. Jane Ormerod
2:40 p.m. Jackson Sturkey (music)

3:10 p.m. break

3:20 p.m. d.a. levy lives: celebrating renegade presses
Civil Coping Mechanisms
Michael Seidlinger, ed.

Madison Langston
Dolan Morgan
Justin Sirois
3:50 p.m. Boyband (music)
4:35 p.m. Mimi Oz (music)

4:50 p.m. break

5:20 p.m. Nathan Xavier Osorio
5:30 p.m. Laura Kochman
5:45 p.m. Tsaurah Litzky
5:55 p.m. Tony Iantosca
6:05 p.m. Tafisha Edwards
6:20 p.m. Michael Joseph Walsh
6:35 p.m. Henry Black (music)

7:05 p.m. Poetry Talk Talk,
with Mel Bentley and Alina Pleskova
reading and in conversation
8:05 p.m. Olivia Deborah Grayson
8:15 p.m. Ximena Izquierdo
8:25 p.m. Danniel Schoonebeek
8:35 p.m. Keyke (music)


Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn 11238

11:00 a.m. Johnny X (music)
11:30 a.m. Sheila Maldonado, Brooklyn Arts Press (Joe Pan, ed.)
11:40 a.m. Patricia Carragon
11:50 a.m. Warren Longmire
12:00 p.m. Peter Baroth
12:15 p.m. Mel Elberg
12:25 p.m. Ian Wilder
12:40 p.m. Assaf Salhov (music)
1:10 p.m. Rico Frederick
1:20 p.m. Courtney Bambrick
1:35 p.m. Paco Marquez
1:50 p.m. M. Mack
2:05 p.m. David Warpaint (music)
2:35 p.m.-Panel/ The Exhilaration Of Upheaval:
Poets Who Write On the Visual Arts in the 21st Century

Moderator and curator Geoffrey Gatza

Michael Kelleher
Loren Kleinman
Susan Lewis
Andre Spears
Anne Tardos


Sidewalk Cafe
94 Avenue A
NYC 10009

Boog Poets’ Theater, featuring:

5:30 p.m. postulation by Aimee Herman

5:45 p.m. Skin of A Spell by Jenn McCreary

6:00 p.m. The Triumph of the Thirteenth Family of Passerines by Maggie Dubris

6:15 p.m. The Body in Equipoise by Joel Allegretti

6:30 p.m. Stage Wrong: Trilogy by John J. Trause

6:45 p.m. Unfinished Acts by Christine Choi

7:00 p.m. An Excerpt from Tacoma Method by Zhang Er

7:15 p.m. Shakespeare’s Itches by Susanna Rich

7:30 p.m. Michelle Beth Herman (music)

7:40 p.m. Nirvana, Nevermind

Performed live by The Tet Offensive

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. In Bloom
3. Come As You Are
4. Breed
5. Lithium
6. Polly
7. Territorial Pissings
8. Drain You
9. Lounge Act
10. Stay Away
11. On A Plain
12. Something In The Way


Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn 11238

6:00 p.m. Bonny Finberg
6:10 p.m. Mitch Corber
6:20 p.m. Amy Barone
6:30 p.m. Carl Watson
6:40 p.m. Edgar J. Ulloa Lujan
6:55 p.m. James Bannon (music)

7:25 p.m. break

7:35 p.m. Timothy Donnelly
7:45 p.m. Puma Perl
7:55 p.m. Steve Dalachinsky
8:05 p.m. Eve Packer
8:15 p.m. David Lawton
8:25 p.m. Ariah Noetzel (music)
8:55 p.m. Mimi Oz (music)


Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.

ron host

6:00 p.m. Francine Witte
6:10 p.m. Mike Lala
6:20 p.m. Caitie Moore
6:30 p.m. Spencer Kingman Graham
6:45 p.m. Aubrie Marrin
6:55 p.m. Matt L. Rohrer
7:05 p.m. Dk And The Joy Machine (music)

7:35 p.m. break

7:45 p.m. Julia Guez
7:55 p.m. Jason Gallagher
8:05 p.m. Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela
8:20 p.m. Vi Khi Nao
8:35 p.m. Rae Leone Allen
8:45 p.m. Leila Ortiz
8:55 p.m. Meg Kaizu
9:05 p.m. Brent Terry
9:15 p.m. Zack Daniels (music)