Publication News Late Summer – Fall 2021, plus a May Publication

Jerry Jazz Musician, A Collection of Jazz Poetry, Summer 2021 Edition, August 19, 2021

Thank you Joe Maita for selecting “Body & Soul” and ” Little Things Mean a Lot” for the Jerry Jazz Summer Issue. Kudos to Amy Barone, Dan Brown, David Dephy, Mike Jurkovic, Phil Linz, Russell Dupont, et all.

Poetry in Performance 49 Annual Spring Poetry Festival, The City College of New York, May 7, 2021

Thank you Barry Wallenstein and Pam Laskin for publishing “Paved Paradise.”

Muddy River Poetry Review, Issue #25, Fall 2021

Thanks  Zvi A. Sesling for accepting “Good Morning Heartache” and “You Don’t Know What Love Is.” Happy that Megha Sood, David P. Miller, Tim Suermondt, Ace Boggess, Bob Heman, Carrie Magness Radna, Rachel Ikins, and more.

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, October 8, 2021

Cats rule again! Thanks Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for thinking of me. Kudos to Peggy Dugan French, r. soos, t. kilgore splake, Mary Jo Balistreri, S. Liaqath Peeran, Kelley Jean White, and Mona Bedi

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot October 8, 2021

Bear Creek Haiku #177, October 2021

Again, thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for these publications below. Cheers to George Held and Mary Jo Balistreri.

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The Weekly Avocet #465, October 31, 2021

Happy to see my Halloween Catku in this issue. With gratitude to Charles Portolano and to Vicki and Vivian.

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The 18th Annual Brevitas Anthology of the Short Poem, November 2021

Proud to be part of this group: Amy Barone, Ron Kolm, Austin Alexis, Dorothy Friedman August, Anton Yakovlev, Don Yorty, Jeff Wright, Bob Heman, Marjorie Hanft, Cindy Hochman, Karen Neuberg, Bill Constantine, Bonny Finberg, Kit Kennedy, Mindy Levokove, Maria Liseela, Tsaurah Litzky, Steve Luttrell, Mindy Matijasevic, David Lawton, Christian Garaud, Jan Catro, Jan Emersen, et al.

“Just Say I love Him.” ” Halloween Catku,” ” Hanukkah Catku,” “Christmas Catku,” ” Misty (erasure)”

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The Red Wheel Barrow 14 Anthology 2021

Look what came in the mail today! So happy the my poems,”Caution” and ” If I CouldWrite a Book” in The Red Wheel Barrow 14 Anthology. It’s beautiful! Thank you editors, Moira O’Brien, Frank Rubino, Arthur Russell, Claudia Serea, Anton Yakovlev, Don Zirilli Shout outs to Amy Barone Ron Kolm Ronald P. Bremner Austin Alexis Zorida Mohammed Davidson Garrett Patrick Thomas Hammer Susanna Rich John J. Trause Barbara Hall Yuyutsu Sharma Indran Amirthanayagam Ermira Mitre Susana H. Case Don Krieger Preeti Shah Maria Lisella Jennifer Poteet Mark F Fogarty Gordon Gilbert et al

I hope as many as possible will check out The Red Wheelbarrow Magazine and order this or other issues. Here’s a link for the website.


April – July 2021 Publication News

Bear Creek Haiku:

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, April 14, 2021

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my haiku

Kudos to 

John Grey, Don Ryan, Lisa Reynolds, Angelee Deodhar, Peggy Dugan French and Toni Morrison, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Rachael Ikins and Cato, Judith Nielsen

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, May 23, 2021

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my haiku

Kudos to

Keiko Izawa, Amy Hrynchuk, Kelley Jean White, Jimmy Pappas, Aftab Yusuf Shaikh, Judith Partin Nielsen, Rachael Ikins, and, Lin and Yuki…!

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, May 25, 2021

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my haiku

Kudos to

Cynthia Sidrane, Sarah Mahina Calvello, Joe Sebastian, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Alan Watts, Rochelle S. Cohen, and, Cathy Porter…!

Bear Creek Issue #174 June 2021
Much appreciation, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my work. Shout outs to Rachael Ikins, and Michael Ceraolo.


The Weekly Avocet:

The Weekly Avocet #440 May 9. 2021

Thank you Charles Portolano, Vivi, and Valerie for publishing my haiku


Jerry Jazz Musician:

Miles Davis during Cannonball Adderley’s “Somethin’ Else” session, Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, March 9, 1958.

Jerry Jazz Musician, A Poetry Collection Inspired by Miles Davis, May 27, 2021

Please that Joseph Maita published “Blue in Green” and If I Could Write A Book.

Happy to share the space with:

Alan YountAmy BaroneAndres ChaparroAnthony WardAntoinette WinsteadArlene CorwinAurora M. LewisBob WaltersByron BeynonCarrie Magness RadnaCatherine LeeCharles Joseph AlbertCharlie BriceChristel RoelandtChristopher D. SimsClaire AndreaniCraig SmithD.R. JamesDavid CookeDavid DephyDavid LohreyDH JenkinsEd ColettiEdward SheehyErren Kellyfrancis wolffFrank WilkesFred JourdainFred ShawFreddingtonGary JudeHenry Denanderjazz poetryJoel Jacob ToddJohn Kendall HawkinsJohn L. StanizziJohn RileyJohn StuppJudith VaughnKathryn MacDonaldKristofer CollinsMark FogartyMartel ChapmanMichael D. AmitinMichael L. Newellmiles davisMiles Davis poetry collectionP.W. Bridgman,  Paul LoveringPhyllis WaxR. BremnerRoger SingerRussell DupontSteve DalachinskySteve PaulSusandaleTerrance UnderwoodVakseenVictor Enns

Jerry Jazz Musician, July 3, 2021

Thank you Joe Maita for taking “At Last ” as a spotlight poem.


Danse Macabre

Pleased that my poem “Caution,” is in the June Issue 135 of Danse Macabre.  Happy to see Peter Cherches here as well.

DM 135 ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acoustic Levitation, June 2021:

Happy to have my poems “Almost Blue” and “The Handekerchief” in this journal with friends, and thanks again Steve:

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your patience.Your work is posted now, and here are the live URL links.Please spread this as far and wide as possible.Yours,Steve Koenig
Poems by1/Austin Alexis
2/Patricia Carragon
3/Pamela Laskin

4/David Messineo
5/Barry Wallenstein


Surviving Suicide A Collection of Poems that may Save a Life– Nirala Press

Honored to be in “Surviving Suicide,” an anthology compiled by  Dean Stalham
My poem, “Just Say I Love Him,” was selected. Available now in July!


#300 Backstory of the Poem: Patricia Carragon’s “At Last” July, 10, 2021:

Thank you Crystal A. Cooper for this wonderful interview and insight.

More Publication News 2021 through March

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, February 28, 2021

Thank You Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my catku.  Congrats to Dennis Rhodes, Art Elser, Linda Amos, Julie A. Dickson, t. kilgore splake, r soos, Rochelle S. Cohen, Judith Partin Nielsen, and Mary Jo Balistreri!

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, March 6, 2021

Thank You Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my catku.  Congrats to Steve Ausherman, Julie A. Dickson, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Franz Kafka, Jeanne Shannon, Rumi, Mary Jo Balistreri, Carl Mayfield, and, t. kilgore splake!

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for posting my catku. Congrats to John R Parsons, Jeanne Shannon, Nancy L. Dahl, Judith Partin Nielsen, Julie A. Dickson, James Penha, t. kilgore splake, and Mary Jo Balistreri!

After The Clouds, The Sun, the Alternative New Year’s Deferred Spoken Word/ Performance Extravaganza 2021 Anthology (Rogues Scholars Press)Pleased to have my poems “Paved Paradise” and Strange Fruit” in this beautiful anthology with so many stellar writers.


Thank you Marie C. Lecrivain for honoring me for Women’s History Month: Tuesday, March 16, 2021: my poem “These Foolish Things Remind Me of You”
Angel Fire Review by Charles Rammelkamp, Into The Void, Issue 17, Quarter Year 2020
contact Into The Void for back issues.
Pleased to see my first review for my debut novel “Angel Fire.” Thank you Charles Rammelkamp for your excellent review in “Into The Void, Issue 17.” Thank you Heath Brougher for sending me that issue along with issue 18 and “We Are Antifa” in the FedEx box.

$12 on

  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 243 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1706761376
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1706761372
  • Item Weight : 15.2 ounces
  • Dimensions : 6 x 0.61 x 9 inches

April – May Publications

April – May Publications


The Weekly Avocet, #283, May 6, 2018


Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing my haiku:

the momma cat 

hides her newborn kittens

near the tulip patch

Kudos to Daniel G. Snethen, Lucy Tyrrell, Frederick L.

Shiels, Robert Hahn, Sushma A. Singh, Karla Linn

Merrifield, Lorraine Amada, Julius Bamidele, Joan Kantor, Sharon

Laslett, Charles Portolano, Patricia L. Goodman, Lynda McKinney



The Weekly Avocet, #285, May 20, 2018


Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing:


Inside the frame’s perimeters,

a butterfly’s impaled wings

formed a crucifix.

A glass warden kept her captive,

but she couldn’t forget the colors

once spun as a caterpillar.

Her mothlike wings began to move

for the frame to meet its downfall.

One by one, the pins fell off,

and through the opened window,

she flew into the sunlight.

With a blinding brilliance,

her wings sparkled –

red as garnet, blue as lapis,

yellow as topaz, green as peridot,

purple as amethyst.

Semi-precious in value,

but not in quality.

Kudos to Art Elser, Philip Mathis, Sara McNulty,

Barbara Novack, Norma C. Wilson, Pat Anthony,       
Richard Green, Vernon M. Witmer, Leslie Mills, 

Donald Simmers, John Noland, Charles Portolano, Sheri Lindner


Hooray for First Literary Review-East

First Literary Review-East, May 2018

Thank you Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for including my Catku Meditation in your

prestigious online journal dedicated to the memory of Gil Fagiani. Honored to be with Gil

Fagiani, Milton P. Ehrlich, Jill Evans, Erica Mapp, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jan Emerson, John

Hicks, Mark Young, M.Stone, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Evie Ivy, Gene Bild, Don Thompson,

Mary Newell, Clarissa Jakobsons, Paul Sohar, Steve Dalachinsky, Zoltán

Böszörményi, Rachel Berghash, Heath Brougher, Alison Stone, Catherine Arra, Deborah

Kennedy, James Croal Jackson, Alice Twombly

Catku Meditation
the singing bowl
cannot compete
with the purring cat


for Steve Luttrell

like a cat
the wind
has its own agenda


seeking sanity
in the Age of Trump
cat meditation



Ephemerae, An International Journal of Haikai, Tanka and Beyond, Volume 1, A, April 2018

Thank you Shrikaanth Krishnmurthy for publishing my birdsong haiku in “Ephemerae,” Vol. 1, A, April 2018.

into the doors 

of a stalled train


Congrats to Jo Balistreri and Steve Dalachinsky as well!


October-November Publication News

October-November Publication News

1-Mankh’s Haiku du Jour, October 20, 2017

Thank you Mankh for publishing one of my favorite haiku:

veins on leaves

my tree’s hands

touch mine


2-Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, October 24, 2017

Thank you ayaz daryl neilsen. Check out these other poets:

Diane Webster, Cathy Porter, Nancy Shires, Teresinka Pereira, Candy Cooper-Towler, Ann Christine Tabaka, Jean Aldriedge, Carl Mayfield, and Toma Rosen.

pastoral silence
      inner cacophony
                trees having
                            an icicle meltdown

                            mid-winter blues

vapor clouds
rise from my teapot             a praia dorme
Winter cold blues                          a maré, um corbertor
                                                       a lua assiste

                                the beach sleeps
                                         the tide, a blanket
                                                   the moon watches


3-The Weekly Avocet #257, November 12, 2017

Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing my nature poetry. Honored to be with Carol Winter, Dave Jilk,Mary Jane Andrews, Wilda Morris, Ned Pendergast, Charles Portolano, Tim Grassley, Neil Creighton, Glenn Hubbard, Mike Witmer, Joel Savishinsky.

Autumn’s Chill

Autumn’s chill
paints leaves
in rich reds and gold – 

casts them six feet 

above chilled soil. 

become aged people. 

Green stalks turn gray, 

droop in defeat. 

Yellow petals shrivel, 

drop like ochre tears.

My sweater,
worn over a Summer top, 

feels no compassion.

An intricate weave
of utilitarian fiber
has me shiver
behind buttonholes.

But like flowers and leaves, 

I watch days fall apart. 

Autumn rubs my shoulders – 

a dubious sensation

born from wind,
devoid of love,
will die in Winter’s hands. 

Snow will come
to bury the past –
the trees will be at peace.

(Published in MOBIUS, The Poetry Magazine)

winds shake the trees 

goose bumps 

under my sweater


3-The Weekly Avocet #258, November 19, 2017

Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing my nature poetry. Honored to be with Floyd D. Anderson, Judith Lynn Sutton, John Swartz, Greg Gregory, Charles Portolano, Gene Rockwell Gant, Jackie Fellague, Michael Escoubas, Jane Lang, Walter Worden, Ray Zimmerman, Deenaz P. Coachbuilder

freezing toes

thinking about  

flip-flop retirement


4- Nomad’s Choir, Fall 2017, Vol. 25 Issue 4

Thank you Joshua Meander for publishing “Gray-White.”  Kudos to many fine poets: Bob Barci,

Jack Cooper, Robert Gibbons, Gordon Gilbert, Marvin Goldfarb, Jim Hart, Marilyn Thomas-King, Joshua Meander, Yinka Meander, Ros Rabin, Chris Robin, Sheryl H. Simler, and many more.


Gray-white—the sky looks old,

devoid of sunlit blue.

Like the overcast that covers Brooklyn,

the colors in my neighborhood diminish.

Melting snow,

devoid of youthful white,

hugs the cars and curbs.

The featherlike trees, 

devoid of chlorophyll expression,

stand like wrinkled silhouettes,

frozen in timeless sleep.

Sadness is everywhere—

gray-white paints the living room

to match my mood.


5-Diaphanous Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts, Vol. 1, Issue 2,  Fall 2017, November 22

Thank you Krysia Jopek and Meg Harris for publishing, “Déjà Vu.” I’m happy to be in the same issue with Jennifer Juneau, Javad Ahmadi, R. Bremner, Tree Riesener, Krysia Jopek, Meg Harris, and more.

May Publication News

May Publication News

May Publication News

Centum Press for Fiction:

Thank you Christen Lee and Meredith Anderson of Centum Press for accepting my fiction piece, “Mural Man,” for  100 Voices Volume Three to be released before the summer. Pre-Sales to come.

Bear Creek Haiku #139, May 10, 2017

Thanks again to ayaz daryl nielsen, Tama, and Frosty for posting
3 of my haiku

Pleased to be among these stellar poets:

Cathy Porter, P. L. Wick, Dean Wiseman Golden, Stella Leonardos, and, normal!

Click on this link and enjoy:
The Weekly Avocet #230, May 7, 2017
Thank you Charles Portolano and also Vivian and Valerie Portolano for posting my haiku and tanka:
Congrats to Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk, Christine Swanberg, Dave Jilk, Jackie Fellague, Christina Laurie, John G. Lawless, Elisabeth Edmonston, Rochelle S. Cohen, Rex Sexton,
Jay Chollick, Susan Twiggs, Kathleen McKinley Harris, Elizabeth Kuelbs, Charles Portolano
like pastel snowflakes
cherry blossoms

rain forgives anger
when it falls with grace and hope
water heals the land
courage replants, life renews
the earth and sun in balance

More Publication News

More Publication News:

I’m in The Weekly Avocet #222 for March 15, 2017


the cat enjoys fresh snowfall

but the squirrel hides

under the a/c


as the kettle boils

snowflakes slide down

             the kitchen window


yellow snow

at the trunk of the tree

doggie’s m.o.


Kudos to Avocet Poets:

Mike Rydock, Theresa A. Cancro, Ishika Goel, Charlene Babb Knadle, Cristina M. R. Norcross, Emily Harel, Carolyn Clark, Joe Cottonwood, Michael J. Brinkac, Torie Cooper, Charles Portolano

Publication Announcements (December-January)

Publication Announcements (December-January)

Three of my poems “The Divine Comedy,” “If Kittens Could Vote, and “The Gilded Calf” are in the anthology, Not My President (Madness Muse Press, December 2016). Thank you Adam Brown.

You can obtain a print copy at this link here-

Kudos to: Steven Blue, Marc Zegans, Fee Thomas, JMGoode, Oz Harwick, Darrell Herbert, Dime Maziba, Robert Wilson, Claudine Nash, Virginia Mariposa Dale, Philip Elliot, Christopher Allen Breidinger, Heath Brougher, Sopphey Vance, Hope Vigil-Alvarez, Amy Ballard, Rich A.J. Odasso, Max Wilbert, Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan, Don Beukes, Mike Maggio, Bob McNeil

I’m in the Weekly Avocet #125, January 25, 2017.  Thanks Charles Portolano.

by the window

a snowflake meltdown

amuses the cat

Congrats to Carol Oberg, Floyd D. Anderson, Irene Ferraro-Sives, Daniel R. Tardona, Sam Doctors, Sara McNulty, Flora T. Higgins, James L. Freeman, Lorna Yolk, Charles Portolano

Thank you Mankh for posting my haiku for Haiku du Jour, January 25, 2017:

January mist

the snowplow

gathers rust

    – Patricia Carragon


I’m also branching as an Artist:

My photography “Birdwalk on Pineapple Street,”Senryu Exit,” and “Waiting” are in the Photography, Art and Video tab of the February  2017 Photography and Art edition of South Florida Poetry Journal.  Thanks Lenny DellaRocca.

Kudos to artists Ray Neubert, Lori Ceier, Patricia Whiting, John Childrey, Bill Wolak.

Carragon October and November Publication News

Carragon October and November Publication News


Cheers to the publishers and contributors in the following journals, etc.

PPA Literary Review, A Publication of Performance Poets Association, Volume 20, 2016

Performance Poets Association’s Cliff Bleidner for accepting “An Invitation to Taste Plums.”

Hats off to so many poets: John A. Brennan, C.A. Barbour, Louisa Callo, Gil Fagiani, Kathryn M. Fazio, Peggy Fitzgerald, George Held, Evie Ivy, Ptr Kozlowski, Maria Lisella, George H. Northrup, Barbara Novack, Tom Oleszczuk, Barbara Segal, Patti Tana, James P. Wagner, and so many more.

Clockwise Cat’s Catwise Clock, Issue 35, October 2016

Meows to Alison Ross for accepting my poem, “Divine Comedy.”

Purrs to Mike Maggio, Stephen M. Singer, Kathrine Yets, Jeff Bagato, Gerard Sarnat, Andrea, Wyatt, Eva Skrande, Alison Ross, Oscar Varona, Daniel Thompson, John Doyle, Gary Beck, Derek Owens, Nelly Sanchez, Lindsay McLeod, Sergio Ortiz, Beverley Catlett, Dennis Wheeler, Unitas Quick, Cindy Hochman, Tim Lewis, Martin H. Levinson, Jacob Russel, Saira Viola, Lily Tierney, Chani Zwibel, Edwin L. Young, Bob Heman, Irene Koronas,

Lana Bella, Bill Wolak, Peter Davison, and Michael St. Germain

13 Days of Halloween, Day 3, Local Gems Press, October 21, 2016

Thank you Ishwa (James P. Wagner) for publishing my “Halloween Cat Haiku”

Cheshire Cat in black

curls up . . . disappears up-close

            trash bag in disguise

ghostly calicos

toms the color of midnight

catnip bewitches

eyes of the cat witch
hypnotize her devotees
cuteness wins more treats

Purrs to Amie Kachinoski and Joan McNerney

The Weekly Avocet #202, October 26, 2016

Thank you Charles Portolano for posting my haiku:

ghostly calicos

toms the color of midnight

catnip bewitches

Cheers to these nature poets: Patricia Foldvary, Ria Meade, Monica A. Andermann, Julie A. Dickson, Eugene O’Connor, Carol A. Amato, Roselyn Stewart, Barbara Hantman, Kristine Rued-Clark, Dennis Burton, Mary C. Rowin, Meg Neal, Charles Portolano

Haiku du Jour, October 30, 2016

Thank you Mankh for loving this simple poem about my beloved Flushing maple tree

veins on leaves

my tree’s hands

touch mine

Surreal Poetics, Issue 2, November 2016

Thank you Daren Berton for publishing my poem, “Perpetual Time.”

Congrats to the following contributors: Rachel J. Bennett, Joseph Ellison Brockway, Yu-Han Chao, Carol Dorf, Sara Eddy, Bonnie Emerick, Andrew Gent, Tom Holmes, Caroline Johnson, Margie Kivel, Dean Kostos, Socrates Martinis, Toti O’Brien, Basilike Pappa, James Penha, Alison Ross, Ina Roy-Faderman, Matthew W. Schmeer, Michael Dwayne Smith, Taunja Thomson, and Brenda Yates

Haiku Publication News for June 30

Haiku Publication News for June 30

Some Haiku Publication News:



The Weekly Avocet,  #185, June 30, 2016
I have four haiku published in this issue. I share the space with:
James L. Freeman, R. Duke Liddell, Wilda Morris,
Carl Papa Palmer, Eric Glaberson, Mary C. Hoeft,
Wes D. Sims, Charles Portolano
an orchestra of crickets
play summer heat
mauve clouds, coral sky 
sunset lights archways 
of the Verrazano Bridge 

firefly light show 
donkey cart planter 
going nowhere 

sweet and ripe 
enough to eat 
the melon’s scent