Spring Publication News

Spring Publication News



1-Poetry Bay Presents Flash Boulevard, March 31

Sending a big thank you to Francine Witte and George Wallace for publishing my fiction pieces, “Nervous Butterflies (1958)” and “All She Had to Do Was Close Her Eyes.”

Check out the link below:



River Poets Journal

2-River Poets Journal 

Thank you Judith Lawrence for accepting my two haiku, for River Poets Journal Napkin/Pocket Poems for National Poetry Month. Honored to be posted with Iris N. Schwartz




3-Bear Creek Haiku, #143 April

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Tama, and Frosty for publishing these haiku:

inside an old box

the calico seeks shelter

December snowstorm



when the lights go out

cries from the cat

take over the apartment



the mischievous cat

curls up on the windowsill

plans her next attack



early morning meows

outside the bedroom door

cat adoption blues


A shoutout to George Held, Steve Ausherman, Lone Crow, Julie A. Dickson, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Deborah H. Doolittle, Stephanie Hiteshew, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Ellaraine Lockie, normal, Judith Partin-nielsen, Teresinka Pereira, Pogo, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Dennis Rhodes, Tom Sacramona, Vivian Bolland Schroeder, R Soos, t. kilmore splake, Tseten Madison Sun, Ann Christine Tabaka, Diane Webster, Kelley Jean White, Paula Yup



4-Nomad’s Choir Spring 2018, Vol. 26 Issue 2 

Thanks Joshua Meander for another great issue and publishing:

“Mourning Haiku”


like tombstones

the rocks remember

each flower that died



on hallowed ground

a sanctuary grows

wild geraniums



like clouds

departing for sun

grief fades


Kudos to Bernard Block, Noel David Cohen, Jack Cooper, Erika Dagnino, Peggy Fitzgerald, Robert Gibbons, Penelope Maguffin, Josuha Meander, Jaroslav Eliah Sykora, Elisabeth Ann Todras, and more.