Extension for Home Planet News Online, Now October 15!

From Frank Murphy of Home Planet News:

Dear Poets, Writers, Artist, I am sending out this email to remind everyone that the deadline for this issue is 10/15/2022. That’s an extension from the 10/1. I will do my best to get the magazine out by mid-November—and certainly by the end of November. If any poet, writer, or artist has a book coming out, and is being published in this issue, I will give the details of the publication. What I need for this is The name of the book, author, publisher, the price, and a link to where it may be purchased. Please get materials in asap because there’s still a lot of work to be done on the magazine. Stay well, Frank

Please email your submissions to Frank Murphy at:



Home Planet News Online is Open for Submissions for Issue #10!

Per Frank Murphy:

Dear friends, poets, writers, and artist. Home Planet News is now accepting material for our next edition. We are looking for poems, stories, reviews, essays, plays, memoirs, and graphic art of every type. We accept writing in Spanish with or without translations. We also accept works in other languages with translations and the author’s permission. Our deadline will be 10/1/22, and we will work hard to have the issue published by the end of the year. In submitting your work, please have your name on the first page of the work you’re submitting. In submitting reviews, please give the name of the press, the price, the number of pages, and, if possible, a link to the publisher or to any source where the book can be obtained.

Please send submissions to Frank Murphy at either

homeplanetnews@outlook.com or lmurphy227@gmail.com

Poet Matt Morris has been added to our list of editors and is incredibly helpful in making this issue possible. Home Planet News could use another editor. Someone who is either familiar with or willing to learn some basic WordPress, and we could always use another proofreader.

Deadline for Home Planet News Issue 8 is Thursday, October 1

Deadline for Home Planet News Issue 8  is Thursday, October 1.
Please send submissions to Frank Murphy ONLY athomeplanetnews@outlook.com

From Frank MurphyDear friends and contributors,I hope this email finds you all safe and well. The deadline for our upcoming issue is 10/1/2020. We need more material, Poems, Prose: Fiction, Flash Fiction, Essays, Reviews, Memoir, Plays, Translocations. And we need Artwork, lots of artwork. I know some of you have already submitted and I apologize for taking your time but I am also asking all contributors to please let others know via the link below:http://homeplanetnews.org/AOnLine.html

It is best to send materials as either a Word or Page document. As I am working on this next issue, I have also been building our database so you may get this massage twice if you have two email addresses. Sorry! If you have received this announcement because someone forwarded it to you and you are interested in receive messages from Home Planet News Online, please send your email address to us. 

Stay well, stay safe,


March Publications

March Publications

Bear Creek Haiku, March 2020

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my haiku:feline agenda  make America  purr again
snowflakes  conceptual art  on my sleeves
the Persian cat  matches the weather  camouflage in white
Valentine’s Day  I’d rather kiss your cat  than you
Valentine’s  Day  cat leaves heart-shaped poop inside your slippers
Valentine’s Day  kitty kisses smell  like tuna
Valentine’s Day  cat ladies marry  their fur babies
A shout out to Steve Austerman, Mary Jo Balistreri, Michael Ceraolo, Judith Partin-Nielsen, and more.


Concrete Mist Anthology, 2020

To Heath Brougher of Concrete Mist Anthology, (Concrete Mist Press 2020), many thanks for accepting, “Ball and Chain” and “So What.”

Kudos to poets:
Bob Heman, Michael Lee Johnson, Red Focks, Heller Levinson, Dustin Pickering, Bill Yarrow, Mary Newell, Mike Fiorito, Charles Rammelkamp, Ace Boggess, Annie Pluto, Cindy Sostchen-Hochman, Alison Ross, and others.
Order on Amazon:


The New Verse News, Sunday, March 22, 2020

Thank you James Penha for publishing “Tenderly,” Chet Baker’s haunting jazz as a backdrop for the current sadness.



Jerry Jazz Musician, Monday March 23, 2020

Honored that Joseph Maita published “Tenderly” the day after The New Verse News.


Al-Khemia Poetica, Tuesday, March 24
So honored that my short story, “What Has to Happen Next” and two of my cat photos from “Meowku are part of Marie C. Lecrivain’s  National Women’s month series. 


Oddball Magazine, Friday, March 20, 2020

Thank you Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright for publishing “Bésame Mucho.
Read it at https://oddballmagazine.com/poem-by-patricia-carragon-2/

Check out the new issue of Home Planet News Online, Issue 4

Check out the new issue of Home Planet News Online, Issue 4
Thank you Frank Murphy and Donald Lev
I have several items in it:
Fat Shirley 
Jiminy Cricket
The Four-Sided Box
The Far Side of My Mind
The Obscure Voice
Action Near BAM
D Train to Coney Island
Redheaded Mermaid
Beach of Dreams
Kudos to Featured Poets:
Amy Barone and Cindy Hochman
Kudos to all the Contributors, whether for Book Reviews, Blogs, Fiction, Artwork, or Poetry:
Donald Lev, Frank Murphy, Bob Heman, Francine Witte, Gil Fagiani, Ron Kolm, Eve Packer, Linda Lerner, Teresa Costa, Tina Chan, Eugene Ring, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Susan Weiman, Robert Roth, Dorothy Friedman August, Margaret McCarthy, Richard Fein, Tom Oleszczuk, Maria Lisella, Austin Alexis, Iris N. Schwartz, Steve Dalachinsky, Anthony Vigorito, Ilkie Scobie, Bruce Weber, Lehrman Weichselbaum, and more.

Publication Announcements (December-January)

Publication Announcements (December-January)

Three of my poems “The Divine Comedy,” “If Kittens Could Vote, and “The Gilded Calf” are in the anthology, Not My President (Madness Muse Press, December 2016). Thank you Adam Brown.

You can obtain a print copy at this link here-    https://www.createspace.com/6785190

Kudos to: Steven Blue, Marc Zegans, Fee Thomas, JMGoode, Oz Harwick, Darrell Herbert, Dime Maziba, Robert Wilson, Claudine Nash, Virginia Mariposa Dale, Philip Elliot, Christopher Allen Breidinger, Heath Brougher, Sopphey Vance, Hope Vigil-Alvarez, Amy Ballard, Rich A.J. Odasso, Max Wilbert, Gaiyaiobi Xzandis-Zaevan, Don Beukes, Mike Maggio, Bob McNeil

I’m in the Weekly Avocet #125, January 25, 2017.  Thanks Charles Portolano.

by the window

a snowflake meltdown

amuses the cat

Congrats to Carol Oberg, Floyd D. Anderson, Irene Ferraro-Sives, Daniel R. Tardona, Sam Doctors, Sara McNulty, Flora T. Higgins, James L. Freeman, Lorna Yolk, Charles Portolano

Thank you Mankh for posting my haiku for Haiku du Jour, January 25, 2017:

January mist

the snowplow

gathers rust

    – Patricia Carragon


I’m also branching as an Artist:

My photography “Birdwalk on Pineapple Street,”Senryu Exit,” and “Waiting” are in the Photography, Art and Video tab of the February  2017 Photography and Art edition of South Florida Poetry Journal.  Thanks Lenny DellaRocca.

Kudos to artists Ray Neubert, Lori Ceier, Patricia Whiting, John Childrey, Bill Wolak.