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From Poets Wear Prada, Meowku by Patricia Carragon


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Photo Credit: Marc-Andre

Patricia Carragon. author of Urban Haiku and More, returns with more Haiku, this time inspired by her favorite muse, our sphinx-like companion, the CAT. This book is also filled with Ms. Carragon’s photography as well. Attached are a few samples of feline delight.

Excerpts from Meowku:

topaz sunlight

the storefront cat

makes eye contact


Kerouac kitty

poems unravel

like toilet paper


eyes of the cat witch

hypnotize her devotees

cuteness wins more treats


like cat’s eyes

doors to inner space

open and shut


the singing bowl

cannot compete

with the purring cat



cat whiskers brushing

the human on the mat

Praise for Meowku:

Aaron Fisher, author of Black Stars of Blood: The Weegee Poems (Main Street Rag Press), says,“Patricia Carragon has done something notable, writing and assembling some 30 pages of haiku about cats (hence, meowku) that are neither cute nor cloying. What they are is smart, funny, and satisfyingly complex — quite an accomplishment in seventeen syllables.”

David Dephy, a Georgian/American award-winning poet, novelist, and performer, sums it up: “These poems themselves are warm and mystical like kittens. They crawl from page to page with catlike grace as you caress them with your eyes and breath, as you stare them in the eye you become cautious like them and don’t want your silence to be disturbed by anyone while reading.”

Judy Kamilhor, author of Before the Big Bang and Cat Dreams, notes, “Enjoy a delightful romp of word play through a New York filled with mischievous cats and kittens. Accompanied by lovely photos, Patricia Carragon’s poems capture moments of city life with feline friends and sometimes foes. Who knew that this ancient Japanese forms fit modern New York life with cats so purrfectly?” And lastly, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Editor of Bear Creek Haiku, says, “Patricia Carragon is known throughout our creative and feline worlds as “that Brooklyn girl.” The humor, noblesse, and yes, loveliness of her nationwide nurturing presence are aptly, beautifully encapsulated within these thirty-five pages of photos, haiku, and micro (yet mighty) poems. Meowku is nurturing “cattitude” we all need.

About Patricia Carragon:

Patricia Carragon loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats, and haiku. She is an avid writer of short stories, prose, and poetry. She has been widely published online and in print. Her most recent publications include Arriving at a Shoreline Anthology (great weather for MEDIA, 2022), Bear Creek Haiku, Beat Generation Anthology 2022, First Literary Review-East, I Wanna Be Loved by You: Poems on Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Jazz Musician, Moonstone Press, MER VOX Quarterly, Muddy River Poetry Review, Out Loud, an LGBTQA Literary Arts Anthology (Red or Green Books), The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow anthology, et al. Her fiction piece “What Has to Happen Next” has been nominated for Sundress Publications Annual Best of the Net Anthology. Her poem “Paris the Beautiful” won Poem of the Week from great weather for MEDIA. She was nominated by Bear Creek Haiku for a Pushcart Prize. Her debut novel, Angel Fire, is from Alien Buddha Press. Her books from Poets Wear Prada are Meowku and The Cupcake Chronicles. She hosts Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology.

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About Poets Wear Prada:

Publishing beautifully designed volumes of well-crafted poetry — and now fiction — you want to read, since October 2006 from Hoboken, New Jersey, birthplace of Frank Sinatra and professional baseball.

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Cat Haiku Publications for October — MEOW MEOW!

Cat Haiku Publications for October

Katzenworld’s Purrsday Poetry, 

Tuxedo Kitten, Thursday, October 20, 2016



tuxedo kitten

     climbs the chain-link fence

             makes that Olympian leap

Happy Halloween From Local Gems
13 Days of Halloween
Day 3  (October21, 2016)
Happy to have my Halloween Cat Haiku posted along with
Amie Kachinoski and Joan McNerney.
Halloween Cat Haiku
Cheshire Cat in black
curls up . . . disappears up-close
            trash bag in disguise
ghostly calicos
toms the color of midnight
catnip bewitches
eyes of the cat witch
hypnotize her devotees
cuteness wins more treats

Haiku Publication News for June 30

Haiku Publication News for June 30

Some Haiku Publication News:



The Weekly Avocet,  #185, June 30, 2016
I have four haiku published in this issue. I share the space with:
James L. Freeman, R. Duke Liddell, Wilda Morris,
Carl Papa Palmer, Eric Glaberson, Mary C. Hoeft,
Wes D. Sims, Charles Portolano
an orchestra of crickets
play summer heat
mauve clouds, coral sky 
sunset lights archways 
of the Verrazano Bridge 

firefly light show 
donkey cart planter 
going nowhere 

sweet and ripe 
enough to eat 
the melon’s scent 

Patricia Carragon Publication News

June Publications:

Happy to announce that my Double Haiku, “Behind Iron Gates,” was featured on Katzenworld’s Purrsday Poetry on May 26 (almost June):

Wow and so thrilled to be included in the illustrious Clockwise Cat’s “ClockwiseRain” edition, Issue 34 dedicated to Prince Rogers Nelson
At Sunset  Purple Haze Purple Rain Circku
If Kittens Could Vote Haiku
Blame It On Eve
Check out this fine e-zine:

Praise for Joyce Mansour, Patti Smith, Jonathan Penton, Giles Watson, John Lincoln, Matt Duggan,Pylon,  Kendrick Lamar, Lucinda Williams, David Bowie, and Michael Moore

Featured Femme: Kathleen Latham

Art by Jacob Russell, Jay Passer, Bob Heman, and Bill Wolak.

Reviews by Cindy Hochman and Alison Ross

Verse by Daniel Y. Harris, Irene Kronos, Sheila Murphy, Patricia Carragon, Valeri Beers, Mel Waldman, Marie Lecrivain, Marcia Arrieta, Saira Viola, Heller Levinson, Don Campbell, Felino Soriano, Heath Brougher, George Held . . .

Purrsday Poetry is no April Fool- Patricia Carragon’s Cat Poem-Happy National Poetry Month

Purrsday Poetry is no April Fool- Patricia Carragon’s Cat Poem-Happy National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month!

It’s April Fools Day, but this is not a joke!

I’ve just been published on Katzenworld’s blog for Purrsday Poetry . . . MEOW!


Hi everyone,
Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Patricia Carragon.

Her Once Faithful Feline

Annie found this tiny gray cat
Emaciated and scared
In his New York habitat.
Against the filthy boxes,
He looked upper crust,
Although his urbane manor
Was lined with garbage and rust.
An odd sense of motherhood
Drew Annie towards this cat.
In this neighborhood,
They formed a bond.
Both lacked a pedigree—
As tabbies from the same cloth,
The two of them did agree.
Like her ex-boyfriend’s Siamese,
In each other’s company,
They were much at ease.
Before bringing the cat home,
She caressed his mangy fur.
And the cat, out of friendship,
Reciprocated with a purr.
But their friendship changed.
The months matured into years.
Annie’s neediness enraged
Tabby’s catatonic moods.
He lost his patience and pity
For this human loser,
Who calls him “sweet kitty.”
Instead of kisses,
He’d growl.
If Annie drew closer, he’d hiss.
She wondered if it was his age,
Wishing that she could fathom
The logic of emotion
Or unforecasted tantrum.
She bought treats and toys to mend
Their shaky alliance,
Hoping catnip could befriend,
As well as fresh tuna—
Yet he continued to hiss.
His claws were busy etching
More scratches without a miss.
He was like a cat-o’-nine-tails—
Annie’s tolerance was crashing.
His claws were stronger than nails,
He attacked his toys and her.
She tried to reconcile,
But her once faithful feline,
Was in denial.
Annie grabbed him by the collar,
Ready to send him back
Where he could fight and holler
With his brothers and sisters—
Back to undomestic scorn,
Back to the furrball alley
Where this tabby runt was born.
More growls and caterwauls,
Tabby wasn’t finished yet—
Bestowed more hisses and mauls
Until Tabby booted Annie out,
And slammed the door.
His once faithful mommy’s cries
Were heard no more.
Patricia Carragon, March 2001

Angel Cat Poem Finds a Home at Purrsday Poetry on Katzenworld

Angel Cat Poem Finds a Home at Purrsday Poetry on Katzenworld’s Blog

My poem, “Angel Cat,” found a home at Katzenworld’s Purssday Poetry. It’s a sad poem based on my encounter with a beautiful stay kitty when I was very young. I used to live in a pet-friendly building in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, but my household was not cat-friendly.
Please click on the link below to read.

If you love to write cat poetry, please sign up with Marc at: