April – May Publications

April – May Publications


The Weekly Avocet, #283, May 6, 2018


Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing my haiku:

the momma cat 

hides her newborn kittens

near the tulip patch

Kudos to Daniel G. Snethen, Lucy Tyrrell, Frederick L.

Shiels, Robert Hahn, Sushma A. Singh, Karla Linn

Merrifield, Lorraine Amada, Julius Bamidele, Joan Kantor, Sharon

Laslett, Charles Portolano, Patricia L. Goodman, Lynda McKinney



The Weekly Avocet, #285, May 20, 2018


Thank you Charles Portolano for publishing:


Inside the frame’s perimeters,

a butterfly’s impaled wings

formed a crucifix.

A glass warden kept her captive,

but she couldn’t forget the colors

once spun as a caterpillar.

Her mothlike wings began to move

for the frame to meet its downfall.

One by one, the pins fell off,

and through the opened window,

she flew into the sunlight.

With a blinding brilliance,

her wings sparkled –

red as garnet, blue as lapis,

yellow as topaz, green as peridot,

purple as amethyst.

Semi-precious in value,

but not in quality.

Kudos to Art Elser, Philip Mathis, Sara McNulty,

Barbara Novack, Norma C. Wilson, Pat Anthony,       
Richard Green, Vernon M. Witmer, Leslie Mills, 

Donald Simmers, John Noland, Charles Portolano, Sheri Lindner


Hooray for First Literary Review-East

First Literary Review-East, May 2018

Thank you Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for including my Catku Meditation in your

prestigious online journal dedicated to the memory of Gil Fagiani. Honored to be with Gil

Fagiani, Milton P. Ehrlich, Jill Evans, Erica Mapp, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jan Emerson, John

Hicks, Mark Young, M.Stone, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Evie Ivy, Gene Bild, Don Thompson,

Mary Newell, Clarissa Jakobsons, Paul Sohar, Steve Dalachinsky, Zoltán

Böszörményi, Rachel Berghash, Heath Brougher, Alison Stone, Catherine Arra, Deborah

Kennedy, James Croal Jackson, Alice Twombly


Catku Meditation
the singing bowl
cannot compete
with the purring cat


for Steve Luttrell

like a cat
the wind
has its own agenda


seeking sanity
in the Age of Trump
cat meditation



Ephemerae, An International Journal of Haikai, Tanka and Beyond, Volume 1, A, April 2018

Thank you Shrikaanth Krishnmurthy for publishing my birdsong haiku in “Ephemerae,” Vol. 1, A, April 2018.

into the doors 

of a stalled train


Congrats to Jo Balistreri and Steve Dalachinsky as well!


Patricia Carragon May Publication News

Patricia Carragon May Publication News

First Literary Review-East May 2016

cindy karen pattie

Big kudos to Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for another stellar issue of First Literary Review-East (May 2016)


Happy that my poem, Alhambra’s Lion Courtyard, is in good company with the following excellent wordsmiths:

Bob Heman, David He, Leslie Prosterman, Melissa Studdard, Mark Young, Fred Yannantuono, Ananya S. Guha, Katrinka Moore, Beth Seetch, Ajise Vincent, George Held, Joan Colby, Olivia Wu,Carla Schwartz, George H. Northrup, Mike James, John Grey, Jay Chollick, David Francis, Alice Weiss, Lafayette Wattles, Alice Twombly, Mark Fogarty



Bear Creek Haiku, Issue 134, May 2016


Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for another cool edition of Haiku and more.


My haiku and short poems:

arms of trees

ever so graceful

even when still



bounce off

the stone wall

at the same

speed to




faucet waterfall

thinking of cats and haiku

while brushing my teeth



cat whiskers brushing

the human on the mat



my train runs

on cat time


Nice to share the space with terrific poets:

Benjamin Anderson, Steve Ausherman, Jo Balistreri, Kristy Barrett, Anthony Botti, Wayne F. Burke, Candi Cooper-Towler, Julie A. Dickerson, Bitjoy Kumar, Dubey, E.P. Fisher, Peggy Dugan French, Robert Gniewek, George Held, Jody Bird Lawton, Carl Mayfield, John McDonald, Normal, Karen O’Leary, Robert O’Rourke, James Peters, Raamesh Gowri Ragavan, Irsa Ruci, Christina Sng, T. Kilgore Splake, Don Wentworth, Kelly Jean White, Jack Wonderfeld, Anna Yin, Paula Yup

July Publications

July Publication News


Thank you Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for another superlative issue of First Literary Review-East.  The Summer Issue is a real treat.
Check out my Baseball Haiku, as well as selections from:
Bob Heman, Lois S. Bassen, Jee Leong Koh, Reena Prasad, Katrinka Moore, Melanie M. Eyth, Evie Ivy, Peter V. Dugan, John Saunders, Claudia Serea, Jeanette Geraci, Kanchan Chatterjee, Ricky Garni, Karen Neuberg, Carol Oberg, Shelley Ann Hainer, Zev Shanken, Sam Pirro, Sandra Kolankiewicz,steve dalachinsky, Peter Bové, Jeff Santosuosso, David Francis,Alice Twombly, Vaughan Rapatahana, Mark McKain, Amy Barone, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Neil Ellman, and Rebecca Gimblett.
Click on the link at  http://www.rulrul.4mg.com/.