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Hi Poets and Friends

Pleased to have more Avocet news to share (I’m behind on listing due to my heavy schedule of the Brownstone anthology publishing and other matters):

1- The Weekly Avocet #115, February 25, 2015

I share space with George Held, Joan Vullo Obergh, Karla Linn Merrifield, Leslie Mills, Linda Taylor, Maggie Westland, Mac Greene, Charles Portolano.

against blue-gray sky

featherlike branches

wait for snow

2- The Weekly Avocet #122, April 15, 2015

I share space with Judy Wucherer, Irene Frick, Joan Kantor, Ellen Pickus, Joan Higuchi, Karla Linn Merrifield, Jean Moody, Charles Portolano.

outside Brooklyn homes

            silent roars from stone lions

                      April winds growl and hiss

3- The Avocet A Journal of Nature Poetry, Spring 2015

I share space with Tom Oleszczuk, Bill Carpenter, Carol A. Amato, Mac Greene, Michael Stone, Peter Leverich, M.C. Little, Charles Portolano, and more.

March morning

             -bright sky

                        -winter breeze


behind iron gates

            an ornamental cat rests            

                        casting its shadow


                                    on a garden rock

                                                nearby houses protected

                                                            by concrete lions


outside my window

oak trees too distant

to get personal


More Publication News

pattie and feather tree winter










Just checked and surprise . . . my poem “Birthday Thoughts” was published in the Linden Avenue Literary Journal  Issue 27, August 2014 (accidentally listed as Issue 28, September 2014)


Also, this issue has pieces from Susan Dale, Melanie Haney, John Garmon, Marion Deutsche Cohen, and Ryan Dempsey.


More Avocet news:


My haiku was in The Weekly Avocet #115, February 25, 2015.


I am pleased that I share the space with

George Held, Leslie Thomas, Mac Greene,

Maggie Westland, Linda Taylor, Leslie Mills,

Karla Linn Merrifield, Karla Linn Merrifield,



against blue-gray sky

featherlike branches

wait for snow

More AVOCET News

More AVOCET News


More Patricia Carragon Haiku AVOCET News:

1- The Weekly Avocet Issue #109, January 14, 2015
I share the space with Mary Jo Balistreri, Charles Portolano, and more.

homeless Christmas trees
slowly decorate
icy city streets

2- The Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poetry, Winter 2015
Barbara Hantman, Charles Potolano, and more are in this issue.

nighttime silhouettes
naked branches shadow dance
behind blinds

winter twilight
the last leaf
clings to the branch

my maple tree
stripped down
to its “fig leaf”


like confectioners sugar
on Christmas cookies
snowflakes on pine cones

More October Publication News

Halloween Cat
















My poem, “Birthday Thoughts” in the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 edition of Big City Lit:

Please click on this link to read :

Also check out the work from the terrific talent below at this link:

On Balance: Walking Ten Miles Home: This Fall’s 2013 to Spring’s 2014 poetry collection includes work by Holly R. Appling, Eileen Brilliant, Patricia Brody, Rosalie Calabrese, Patricia Carragon, Robert Klein Engler, Allen C. Fischer, David Francis, Elisabeth Frischauf, Maria Gregorio, Joanne Grumet, Patrick Henry, Kate Irving, Katrina Kostro, Lola Koundakjian, JKL, Richard Levine, Marina Mati, Michael Morical, B. Z. Nidtich, Eve Packer, Anne Elezabeth Pluto, Jared Smith, Raleigh Thompson,
Melinda Thomsen, and Barry Wallenstein.


Poems by George Wallace

Big City, Little:

Shiela e. Black: Re-Mix: To My Brothers and Sisters Living in the West


Roy Robins, Six Stories

Thaddeus Rutkowski, Absent Without Leave


Richard Levine A City Story of Residential Radon, Natural Gas and Lung Cancer

Christopher Cappelluti, The Recorded Poetry of Barry Wallenstein


Robert Klein Engler, Inaugural Poetry, Clinton and Benghazi

Patrick Henry, Strategy at Red Star Belgrade, excerpt from Facing the Music

Natasha Lvovich, Renamed and Deleted


George Drew on Bouncing The Rubble: The Unearthing of Juan J.Morales: Friday and the Year That Followed

Pamela L. Laskin’s Plagarist, reviewed by Melinda Thomsen


New Additions:

Kate Irving, Raising the Arsonist’s Daughter from the Dead

Quitman Marshall, You Were Born One Time

Richard Levine, The Cadence of Mercy

Patricia Brody, Dangerous to Know


Raleigh Thompson: Chemistry

Field Report: Field Report

Cory Branan: Mutt

Various Artists: Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina


The 13 Days Of Halloween by Local Gems Press

My poem, “Halloween Teeth,” is on Day 5 of the 13 Days of Halloween by Local Gems Press. I share the day with Jilian Roath and Narges Rothermal.


—Patricia Carragon


the sound of drills

jack o’lantern smiles

under construction

jack o’lantern smiles

the curse of too much

Halloween candy

jagged teeth

jack o’ lanterns

in need of dentures

dental phobia

your insurance won’t cover

another crown

the economy

scarier than being drilled

by Freddy Krueger


 The Avocet

I have three haiku on the Fall 2014 issue of The Avocet.  I’m pleased that George Held, Erica Mapp, Mary Jo Balistreri, Charles Portolano, and more are also in this issue.


veins on leaves

my tree’s hands

touch mine


lamppost moon

sunshine leaves

autumn nocturne


leaves somersault

on sidewalks

autumn breeze