Cupcakes in Red Fez Issue #37

Have some cupcakes on Red Fez’s Issue #37.  Fresh from Carragon’s imagination.  Check them out in the Fiction Section:
   – 6- Tuesday morning at 9:00, May 13, 2008 –
   – 8- Thursday afternoon after school, September 24, 2008 –
Also, drop by  for these wonderful fiction writers:
   by M.P. Powers
   – A Novella in Four Directions –
   by Tom Andrews
   by Greg Eidson
   by Meg Tuite
   by Josh Olsen
   by Josh Olsen
   by Daniel Davis

Cupcake Chronicles # 13 is out for Friday the 13th on Red Fez

My Cupcake Chronicles # 13 is out 
for Friday the 13th on Red Fez 
Issue #34 – May 2011

I’m part of this wonderful list of fezzies:

Jason Lancaster Cooney
Forrest Aguirre
Jeff Chon
Patricia Carragon
Fawzy Zablah
Timothy Gager
Bill Ectric
George Sparling
Tom Andrews
Donald O’Donovan
Cindy M. Kelly

Margaret Ozemet
Frankie Metro

Patrick Simonelli
Ani Smith
Michael Filippone
Robert Kloss

Paul Corman-Roberts

Cecelia Chapman, Jeff Crouch and Steve Johnson

Eleanor Leonne Bennett
F.N. Wright

Julie Valin
Matt Amott
Luis Rivas
Justin Hyde
Cassandra Dallett
Melanie Browne
Nathan Savin Scott
Jessica McHugh
M.P. Powers
Alan Catlin
ML Heath
Marc Pietrzykowski
Craig Fishbane
Dan Provost
Sheri L. Wright
Ben Bartman
Jack Varnell
Clara Hope Mitchell
William John Watkins
David Cicerone
John Grochalski
Changming Yuan
Melissa Hansen

Tattoos and Cupcakes

photo from Diva Entertains
photo from Diva Entertains

Hey Poets,

Drop by Tattoosday for April 2, 2011 for Cupcake Chronicles #9 – Friday evening before midnight, February 13, 2009 and the rose tattoo pictures, including the story behind my “ink.”  The tattoo pictures were taken at the Border’s bookstore near Penn Station and Macy’s Herald Square.

A special “thank you” to Bill Cohen for making this possible for us tattooed poets to celebrate National Poetry Month!

Happy Alt. Valentine’s Day From Symmetry Pebbles

Happy Alt. Valentine’s Day

Photo taken from
Symmetry Pebbles, an exciting and edgy new online journal from the UK, has taken numbers 7 and 12 from my Cupcake Chronicle series to be part of the Alt. Valentine’s Selection.

Read it at:

Also, please check out the rest of this selection 
for wonderful work by:

Anne Welsh, Richard Thomas, Arron Palmer, and Abi Wyatt

And please SUBMIT, SUBMIT to this journal!

Send to editor, Richard Thomas, no more than three poems, along with a short bio to Please put your name and email address on each poem.