Home Planet News Online Issue #10

Thank you Frank Murphy for your years of service in making Home Planet News Online possible. Issue #10 is truly spectacular!

Proud to be on the editorial team with:
Linda Lerner
David Gershator
Phillis Gershator
Lehman Weichsellbaum
Matthew Paris
Jackie Coleman-Fried
Cheryl A. Rice
Amy Barone

Hispanic Editor:
Myrna Nieves

Computer Editor
Frank Murphy

Best Intern Ever
Emma Brumberger 

Banner cover image by
Bebe Barkan

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Congratulations to all the contributors below

Featured Poets

Featured Artist

Lehman Weichselbaum: Hot Mike

Mathew Paris: The Blog Bog









P.1      Chuck Joy

P.2     Victoria Twomey

P.3      Edward Lee

P.4      John J. Ronan

P.5      Frederick Pollack

P.6      Nadja Moore

P.7       Thomas D. Jones

P.8       Carol Hamilton

P.9       Patricia Walsh

P.10     Kenneth Pobo

P.11      Vicki Iorio

P.12     Charles Rammelkamp

P.13      Diane Webster

P.14      Pete Mladinic

P.15      Linda Lerner

P.16      Ian Ganassi    

P.17      George Snedeker

P.18      Catherine A. Coundjeris

P.19       John Gray

P.20      Richard Dinges, Jr.

p.21       Barry Wallenstein

P.22      Diane Sahms-Guarnieri

P.23       Carl Scharwath

P.24       Thomas Piekarski

P.25       Michael La Bombarda

P.26       Susana H. Case

P.27       Michael Lee Johnson

P.28       Davidson Garrett

P.29       George Wallace

P.30        Jake Sheff

P.31        Megha Sood

P.32        Frank Murphy

P.32        Emma Brumberger 

P.33        Tony Dawson

P.34       Laura Carter

P.35       James B. Nicola

P.36      Carrie Magness Radna

P.37       Rich Murphy

P.38       Art Gatti

P.39       Joseph Farley

P.40      Stephen Mead

P.41       Amy Barone

P.42       Ken Gosse

P.43        Philip Kobylarz

P.44       Christina E. Petrides

P.45        Howard Pflanzer

P.46       Mark Young

P.47       Deborah-Zenha Adams 

P.48       Duane Anderson

P.49       Alan Catlin

P.50       Susan Weiman

P.51        Eve Packer

P.52       Patricia Carragon

P.53        Jonathan B. Ferrini

P. 54       Bob Heman

P. 55       Magdalena Gómez

P. 56       Drew Marshall

P. 57        Paul Smith

P. 58        Philip Newton

P. 59         Ian C Smith

P. 60         R. Bremner

P. 61         Matt Morris

P.62          Evie Ivy


P. 63         Ivan de Monbrison

P.64          G E Reutter

P.65          Christopher Hirschmann Brandt

P.66          Lisa Bond

P.67           Gary P. English

P.68           Thaddeus Rutkowski

P.69           Karen Neuberg

P.70            Mark Zuss

P.71             Dominik Slusarczyk

P.72            George Guida

P. 73           Bill Yarrow

P.74           Alexander Perez

P.75            Elizabeth Morse

P.76            Guna Moran

P.77            Rosemary Drescher

P.78            Roger Santiváñez

P.79             Jacqueline Coleman-Fried

P.80             Linda Kleinbub

P.81              George Held

P.82             Sam Friedman

P.83              Joanie HF Zosike

P.84             Deborah H. Doolittle

P.85             John Martino

P.86             Pastora Hernández

P.87             Frank De Canio

P.88             Paweł Markiewicz

P.88             S.F. Wright

P.89             Patrick Hammer

P.90             Robert Daseler

P.91              Donald Gardner

P.92             Margaret R. Sáraco

P.93              Roberta Gould

P.94              G.S. de Būrca 

P.95               Luis Antonio Rodríguez (Laro)

P.96               Teresa Costa

P.97                Gerald Wagoner

P.98                Mathew Paris

P.99                 Maid Corbic

P. 100              Diana Conchado

P.101                Carol Alexander

P.102                Janet Restino

P.103                David E. Howerton

P.104                Doug Holder

P.104                Gabrielle David

P.105                Clara Burghelea

P.106                 Jacqueline Coleman-Fried

P.107                 Robert Mueller

P.108                 Darko R. Suvin

P.109                  George Freek

P.110                   Casey Killingsworth

P.111                    Livio Farallo

P.112                   Marie Anzalone

P.113                    Inmaculada Lara-Bonilla

P.114                   Beatriz Saavedra Gastélum

P.115                    Holly Day

P.116                    Michael Manerowski

P.117                     Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks

P.118                     Tawn Parent


Reminder: Brownstone Poets on Zoom: Buttered Roll, Kim Brandon, Prince A. McNally, Saturday, February 25 at 2 p.m. EST

You’re invited to Brownstone Poets, the last Saturday of the month,

Saturday, February 25 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST

for our next installment of Brownstone Poets with our rockstar features:

Buttered Roll

Kim Brandon

Prince A.McNally

$5 ticket purchase and advance registration required.

Plus a limited open mic.

Your $5 contribution keeps our annual anthology in print and pays our features.

Hosted by Patricia Carragon, our Brooklyn girl and Editor-in-Chief.

Please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Make your $5 contribution: https://bit.ly/3bkqFmO

(Note that your contribution is not refundable.)

Step 2: Register in advance for this meeting:


Step 3: After making your contribution and completing your registration, you will receive a confidential confirmation email containing your unique link to join the event.

Visit our FB event page at https://fb.me/e/2mW4wt096 or DM @herbf533 or @patriciacarragon for the how tos. Please sign up early to secure a first come first serve slot at our open.

Looking forward to seeing you at our February reading!


Buttered Roll (he/his/him) is a self-taught poet, painter, performer, and not-so-complex carbohydrate who resides in Hoboken, NJ. “Exile in Orange,” Buttered Roll’s first solo visual art show, took place at SMUSH Gallery, from March 2021 through May 2021. https://www.smushgallery.com/exileinorange. Buttered Roll released his first book Quarantine: Solo, in August 2020. Buttered Roll’s poetry has been published in Soup Can Magazine, The Esthetic Apostle, and Breadcrumbs Magazine. Buttered Roll has been a featured reader at Pine Barrens Jam, great weather for MEDIA, WAYE reading series, and Backroom Broadsides. Buttered Roll’s second book, Disjecta Dismembra, was self-published on September 22, 2022.

Kim Brandon is a poet, artist, activist, and storyteller. Her work has been included in stage performances, anthologies, and journals. This year, her work was included in Peregrine’s Black Poets Speak collection. She is a 2021 Brooklyn Poets’ Poet of the Week and a VONA alumnus. She has attended Wild Seed retreats and Cave Canem Writers workshops. She is the founder of Brooklyn Society Writers group and the host of writing workshops for people of color. This year her work centers on the revolutionary power of Black love. She is hoping to publish her first poetry collection Red Honey in 2023.

Prince A. McNally is a widely published teaching poet and spoken word artist, who facilitates workshops for kids in crisis through schools and outreach programs, utilizing poetry and creative writing as a means of expression and self-discovery. His poems have appeared in numerous literary publications and anthologies, such as Boog City, Spill Words, Tuck Magazine, Dissident Voice, Jerry Jazz Musician, and The Blue Mountain Review, to name a few. He is a recipient of a Poets and Writer’s Grant and has been nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart Poetry Prize. He currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.