Home Planet News Online is Open for Submissions for Issue #10!

Per Frank Murphy:

Dear friends, poets, writers, and artist. Home Planet News is now accepting material for our next edition. We are looking for poems, stories, reviews, essays, plays, memoirs, and graphic art of every type. We accept writing in Spanish with or without translations. We also accept works in other languages with translations and the author’s permission. Our deadline will be 10/1/22, and we will work hard to have the issue published by the end of the year. In submitting your work, please have your name on the first page of the work you’re submitting. In submitting reviews, please give the name of the press, the price, the number of pages, and, if possible, a link to the publisher or to any source where the book can be obtained.

Please send submissions to Frank Murphy at either

homeplanetnews@outlook.com or lmurphy227@gmail.com

Poet Matt Morris has been added to our list of editors and is incredibly helpful in making this issue possible. Home Planet News could use another editor. Someone who is either familiar with or willing to learn some basic WordPress, and we could always use another proofreader.


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