Brownstone Poets: Jeff Cottrill, Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, and Ermira Mitre Kokomani, Saturday, October 30 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST

Brownstone Poets on Zoom Saturday, October 30
from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST 

Our October 30 features are:

Jeff Cottrill

Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni

Ermira Mitre Kokomani

Plus a limited Open Mic. 

Please follow directions below, completing both steps at least two days before the reading to avoid delays entering the meeting room. Note the order of the open mic follows the order of signup. Sign up early to read early in the program. Last-minute signup means you will read at the end of the program.

Our October features are Jeff Cottrill, Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, and Ermira Mitre Kokomani. Plus a limited open mic. Your $5 contribution keeps our annual anthology in print and pays our features.

Hosted by Patricia Carragon, our Brooklyn girl and Editor-in-Chief.

Please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Make your $5 contribution:
(Note that your contribution is not refundable.)

Step 2: Register in advance for this meeting:

Step 3: After making your contribution and completing your registration, you will receive a confidential confirmation email containing your unique link to join the event.

Looking forward to seeing you at our October reading! For your convenience here is the link to our Facebook event page:


Jeff Cottrill is a fiction writer, journalist, and spoken-word artist based in Toronto, Canada. His performance style is influenced by slam conventions, but subverts them with wit, ironic humour and a satirical tone. He has headlined in countless literary series throughout Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. over the last twenty years. In the past several months, he has been published in several international anthologies from New York to Australia. Jeff has authored four chapbooks and recorded three CDs, and he has recently finished his seventh or eighth attempt at a first novel.

Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni has written poetry all her life. One night in 2008 she read a few poems at a local café. A member of the audience asked her to send him a manuscript. Turns out he was a partner in Quattro Books; within a few months they published her first book, Looking at Renaissance Paintings and Other Poems. Eventually another book came out, called Second Collection (2013). Her first chapbook, Portrait Gallery, was a product of the pandemic lockdown 2020. Caroline edited and wrote the introductions for three anthologies of prose and poetry by Italian Canadian writers: Italian Canadian Voices (1984); Italian Canadian Voices revised (2006) and Bravo! (2012). Her poems have been included in other anthologies, magazines, and online.

Ermira Mitre Kokomani is a bilingual poet, essayist and translator from Albania living in New Jersey. Her  poetry has appeared in various international and national poetry anthologies and journals as: Jerry Jazz Musician, Red Wheelbarrow Poets Journals, THE POET’S anthologies, Live Encounters, Kistrech Poetry Festival, Mediterranean Poetry, Montclair Write Group, etc. She has published a book of poetry in Albanian, and is submitting a second one for publication. Ermira is also completing the first English collection Blooming as a Sacred Lotus while working on another bilingual one. She has translated the fiction novel The King’s Shadow from Albanian into English.


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