Brownstone Poets on Zoom Saturday, April 24 from 2 P.M to 4 P.M. EST New York City

Brownstone Poets on ZOOM

Saturday, April 24 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST New York City

William Washington

A.i. Firefly

James Dean Rivera

Please follow directions below, completing both steps at least two days before the reading to avoid delays entering the meeting room. Note the order of the open mic follows the order of signup. Sign up early to read early in the program. Last minute signup means you will read at the end of program. 

Our April features are William Washington, A. i. Firefly, and James Dean Rivera. Plus a limited open mic. Your $5 contribution keeps our annual anthology in print and pays our features. Hosted by Patricia Carragon, our Brooklyn girl and Editor-in-Chief.

 Please follow these instructions: 

 Step 1: Make your $5 contribution: (Note that your contribution is not refundable.) 

 Step 2: Register in advance for this meeting on Zoom: 

 Step 3: After making your donation and completing your registration, you will receive a confidential confirmation email containing your unique link to join the event. 

Looking forward to seeing you at our April reading!

For your convenience here is the link to our Facebook event page:


William Washington

William Washington is a Spanish Harlem Elder/SpokenWord Artist, and Community Activist. William has performed SpokenWord throughout The United States. He’s performed at The Legendary NYC Nuyorican Poets Cafe- The 2016 BPC Poetry Festival in Atlanta Ga. – The Chicago Illinois 2019 Spoken Ink Live!, as well as events, in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Albany NY, Syracuse NY, etc. Mr. Washington has starred, on Off Broadway Stages- Most Notably “Sistahs Black Like Me- Harlemville.” He has performed at major Churches & Colleges throughout The Tri- State area. William Washington is the author, of the widely acclaimed Autobiography “The Nigger Chronicles/The Mispronunciation Of Who I Am” published in December of The Year 2012. Lastly William recently co-featured at “Great Weather for Media” Hosted by The Phenomenal Mr. Thomas Fucaloro! Introducing.. Mr. William Washington!

A. i. Firefly

photo by Kristopher Johnson

A.i. Firefly was born at the tail end of the 1970s in the suburbs of NYC. She is the author of Cast Iron Poetry #2 : A Moon Magnetized This Screeching Bird, a poetry collection published by Time Is An Ocean Publications. Her previous work on the web & in print appears in publications by Having A Whiskey Coke With You, NYSAI Press, Blood Moon Poetry, A.B. Baird Publishing, E·ratio, & Great Weather For Media. You can read more of her work and engage with the author on Instagram @a.i.firefly or at

James Dean Rivera

James Dean Rivera, also known as The Dean of Poetry, is an author, spoken word artist, and YouTuber who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Through his words, he promotes positivity and inspiration. He shares life lessons for in hopes of bettering of the lives of his audience. James has been writing since he was 14 years old and he published is book Words From The Heart in 2018 and Deep Thoughts in 2020. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Science from Brooklyn College. The Dean of Poetry lives to inspire the world one moment at a time.


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