Home Planet News Online is taking submissions for Issue 8

Home Planet News Online is taking submissions for Issue 8

Per Frank Murphy

Submissions welcome. Home Planet News Online is an On Line Only Publication. All copyrights return to the poet, writer, artist. The submissions requirements are as follows: Submit up to 6 poems at a time.

We would prefer prose pieces that are 2000 words or less, but we will consider longer pieces by merit. We will accept no more than 2 prose pieces per writer per issue. We will consider using more than 2 pieces with the prior approval of one of the Home Planet News Editors. Artwork and photos should be sent as jpeg attachments.

Simultaneous submissions will be accepted with the understanding that we will be notified ASAP of publications in another magazine. Home Planet News Online will accept poems that have been previously published in printed magazines, journals, or chapbooks with a distribution of 500 copies or less. We will not accept poems or prose that has been accepted in an anthology or published in another online magazine. Please include contact information Submit everything in one file as a single Microsoft Word or Page document. No pdf files.
If that is not possible, just paste poems in the body of the email.

Deadline: late fall Mid-November



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