Brownstone Poets 2019 is Here!

Brownstone Poets 2019 Anthology is Here!

A Big Brownstone “Thank You” to: my editorial staff, Amy Barone and Karen Neuberg,Bob Heman for his collage art, “The Egg” for the cover,Su Polo for her graphic cover design,Yuyu Sharma, our poet-in-residence,David Austell, our guest poet,Maria Lisella for helping us out with the memorial for her husband, Gil Fagiani,our contributors for their poems and photos.

Since 2005, Brownstone Poets has been inspiring poetry in Brooklyn. We strive to be a unique and diverse community, welcoming various literary styles and forms. We would like to thank this year’s sixty-nine reader-contributors, as well as our loyal attendees. Without their love and commitment, our reading series and this anthology would not have been possible. We’re honored to have the Himalayan poet Yuyutsu Sharma as our poet-in- residence and David Austell as this year’s guest poet. We mourn the passing of Gil Fagiani, who was a translator, essayist, short-story writer, poet, and friend, and have dedicated a section in his memory.This collection of poetry, infused with Brooklyn imagery, is our contribution to the vibrant spirit found in the Borough of Kings. 

Check it out on

At the readings: author copy $8 and additional copies $10 each
non-author copies $12 each
Please stay tuned for all anthology events!


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