March and April 2018 Publication News


Remembering 9/11 Syndic Literary Journal, March 2018

Thank you LeRoy Chatfield for publishing “Reach Out for the Moment.”

A shout out to Gordon Gilbert, Madeline Artenberg, Kathryn Adisman, Linda Lerner, Phillip Giambri, Robin Hirsch, Arthur Gatti, Ron Kolm, John J. Trause, Rosalie Calabrese, and more.



The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, Book Seven, 2018

Aquillrelle Wall Seven

I’m happy to have my three poems below in this issue:


“Reach Out for the Moment”

“The Four-Sided Box”

Pleased to be with these great poets, Joy Leftow, Dubblex Alleyne, Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, and more.




The Weekly Avocet, #278, April 1, 2018

Thank you Charle Portolano for publishing my haiku,

by the tulip patch 

a momma cat

hides her kittens

Shout outs to Nina Pursai, Anjali Pursai, Angela Lee, Jacqueline Lo, Judith Lyn Sutton, Bill Peck, Susan Denault, Lorraine Amada, Charles Portolano, Marcy Wingard, Gerald A.McBreen, Pat Anthony, Harold Sneide, Lynda McKinney Lambert, Sheri Linder, Carl Grametbauer, Sharley Bryce




Bear Creek Haiku, Issue #142, March 2018

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Tama, and Frosty for publishing these haiku:

Squinting eyes 

brownstones behind a window

optical book shelves


glacial sunshine

Coney Island draped in ice

fingers feel the chill


bomb cyclone 

hits Coney Island

snow cone boardwalk


Ice winds whistle 

cold air vs. radiator

snow curtains on window


Gingerbread cookies 

mimic the fresh snow

on trees and houses


Snow-covered branches 

match the buttercream frosting

on mini cupcakes


gray sky, white landscape

a grim world’s transformation

for the holidays


linden solstice


at night


vaginal sunburst

hormones turn on the oven

a baker’s dozen



can’t disguise

the city’s filth


trees and plants 


but we don’t listen


quixotic brainwaves

travel to an altered state

sleepless in New York


like the leaves on trees 

summer extends its visit

warm October


heatwave in Brooklyn

we celebrate the fall

in summer clothes

Kudos to Steve Ausherman, Jo Balistreri, Martina Christina, Lone Crow, Julie A. Dickson, Deborah H. Doolittle, Fred Donovan, George Held, Rachel Z. Ikins, Allaraine Lockie, Carl Mayfield, Bradley McIlwain, Dorothy, McLaughlin, Judith Partin-Nielsen, James B. Peters, Cathy Porter, t. kilgore splake, Tseten Madison Sun, Ann Christine Tababka, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, Diane Webster, Kelley Jean White, pl. wick, Paula Yup

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, #143, Monday, April 2, 2018

Thank you Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Tama, and Frosty for publishing these haiku:

“inside an old box” 

“when the lights go out” 

“the mischievous cat” 

“early morning meows”

Happy to share the space with Steve Ausherman, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, Judith Partin-Nielsen, t.kilgore splake, r. soos, Diane Webster, and artists Ed Markowski and Paula Yup.


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