Women Writers in Bloom’s Seven Year Anniversary Celebration!



Women Writers in Boom’s Seven Year Anniversary Celebration!

Phillip J. Ammonds as Trinity Rayn * Pamela Sneed *
Saturday, April 14 from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
The Brooklyn Commons
388 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(347) 987-4966


  • Hoyt-Schermerhorn: A, C and G
  • Bergen Street: F
  • Atlantic Ave – Barclay Center: B, D, Q, R, 4,  and 5
Check the MTA’s weekend schedule changes at http://web.mta.info/weekender/lineview.html?r=r

#Eventbrite Link: goo.gl/ptaAju
***** or #Click #TicketURL in FB event

From JP Howard:

Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon‘s Seven Year Anniversary Celebration is live! Come celebrate our big 7 as we celebrate our fabulous Salon writers during National Poetry Month on Saturday evening April 14th! Join our FB event, but make sure to also register for your Eventbrite ticket (link available in FB event page) or here: goo.gl/ptaAju #Eventbrite tickets #required for entry, so we stay within capacity for our venue. Please help us spread the word y’all!

Fabulous features are: Pamela SneedAngela BrownCheryl Boyce-TaylorElizabeth LaraWendy AnguloCandice IlohPhillip J. Ammonds as Trinity Rayn and Patricia Carragon#HappyCurator #WeBloom




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