January/February Publication News:

January/February Publication News:
Thank you, Charles Portolano for publishing my three Winter Haiku 
in The Weekly Avocet #266, January 7, 2018
snow-covered branches 
match the buttercream frosting
on mini cupcakes
gray sky, white landscape
a grim world’s transformation
for the holidays
gingerbread cookies 
mimic fresh snow
on trees and houses
Kudos to Ed Galing, Jenene Ravesloot, Paula Schultz, Dee Matthews, Margaret Bobalek King, John, MacLean, Joan Kantor, Leslie Mills, Maralee Gerke, Cohl Warren-Howles
Thank you, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for accepting my work for Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, January 8, 2018
subway in motion 
wheels sing lullabies
passengers fall asleep
vapor clouds 
rise from my teapot
winter cold blues
A shoutout to Peggy Dugan French, Aj´sa D´zemila Zahirovi´c, t. kilgore splake, Dennis Rhodes, Steve Ausherman, pl. wick, Judith Partin-Nielsen
Also, another thank you to Ayaz Daryl Nielsen for publishing my pieces in Bear Creek Haiku #141, January 2018

extreme sunshine 

tints the scenery
with glare
gray leaves  gray puddles
gray chill underneath
gray cardigan
behind Brooklyn Bridge 
walls of gray mist hide skyline
delusional rain

silhouette patterns 

washi paper made from sky
ailanthus collage

rain forgives anger
when it falls with grace and hope

water heals the land
courage replants, life renews
the earth and sun in balance
More shoutouts to Jean Aldriedge, Steve Ausherman, Peggy Dugan French, Greg Gregory, Stephanie Hiteshew, Rachel Ikens, Judy Katz-Levine, Celine Rose Mariotti, Carl Mayfield, Elanor Michael, normal, Robert O’Rourke, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Teresinka Pereira, James B. Peters, Cathy Porter, Dennis Rhodes, Toma Rosen, Dennis Saleh, t. kilgore splake, Jane Stuart, Diane Webster, pl wick, Alan Young, Paula Yup
Thank you Mankh for selecting my haiku for Mankh’s Haiku du Jour, January 23, 2018
January mist
the snow plow
gathers rust
Thank you Editor, Bruce Weber for selecting Roller Coaster Train for the Poems in a Centerfold section of Green Kill Broadsheet, February 2018. A shoutout to Bob Heman, Teresa Costa, Bruce Weber, David Lawton, Jane LeCroy, and more
Enjoy the issue below

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