Mercado, Frazier, Hernandez, Yung at Park Plaza Restaurant, Sat, 2/24 at 2:30 p.m.

Brownstone Poets presents

Saturday, February 24 at 2:30 p.m.



Nancy Mercado

DuEwa Frazier

Diana Gitesha Hernandez

Susan Yung

@ Park Plaza Restaurant 

220 Cadman Plaza West near Clark St.and Pineapple Walk

Brooklyn, NY 11201

718 – 596 – 5900


Take the A or C to High Street, 2 or 3 to Clark Street

R to Court Street

4 or  to 5 Borough Hall

For more directions:

Please check the MTA’s “The Weekender” for all transit updates.

$5 Donation – plus Food/Drink – Open-Mic

Curated by Patricia Carragon



Nancy Mercado is the recipient of the American Book Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Before Columbus Foundation. Editor of the Nuyorican Women Writers Anthologypublished in City University of New York’s Voices e/Magazine, she is a guest curator for the Museum of American Poetics, and assistant editor for

Featured on National Public Radio’s The Talk of the Nation, and a PBS NewsHour Special, America Remembers 9/11, Nancy has authored: It Concerns the Madness (a poetry collection), Las Tres Hermanas (a children’s coloring book), and is the editor of if the world were mine (a children’s anthology).

For more information, go to


DuEwa Frazier is a poet, children’s writer, author, and performer. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. DuEwa is the author of several books including Quincy Rules (2016), Deanne in the Middle (2014) and Goddess Under the Bridge: Poems (2013).  Her work has been published in magazines, literary journals and anthologies including Crossing the Divide Anthology and Eleven Eleven Literary Journal. Visit her website at

Diana Gitesha Hernandez, “Gitesha,” is an inter-disciplinary artist. Co-founder of the poetic/voice/jazz group, The Artemis Collective. Hernandez is an early member of the Nuyorican Poets Café.  She has authored several books of poetry, appears worldwide in performances and anthologies, Raw Lips Melao: A Nuyorican Rhapsody is available on Amazon. Her debut CD IMBUED (2013) weaves her voice with jazz and poetry   as Miguel Algarin, founder of the Nuyorocan Poets Cafe notes “makes these words swirl with passion.”

She is a graduate from the Swedish Massage Institute, has a masters from LIU in guidance counseling and holds a BA from SUNY in Jazz Performance and painting. Her artwork is shown and collected internationally.


Susan Yung: Anti–bullying, Domestic-Violence, misogynist-hater, anti-racist, democratic-anarchist, ghetto-girl, Chinatown-Harlem, East Village-West Village, homesteading-gentrifier, yuppie-squatter, homeless-sheltered, American-Asian, World-Traveller, Adventuress-Common-Law-Wife, Photographer-Videographer, Martial-Fine-Artist, Musician-Drummer, Artist-Scientist, Geologist-Librarian, Mathematician-Designer, Collector-Exhibitionist, Buyer-Seller, Cook-Politician, Migrant-Worker, Independent-Dependent, Pacifist-Activist.


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