Publication News Updates

Publication News Updates:

Eternal Snow: A Worldwide Anthology of over One Hundred Twenty Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma

Many thanks to Yuyutsu RD Sharma for including my 2 poems “Living In Silence” and “Outdoor Yoga Meditation Haiku” in the Eternal Snow: A Worldwide Anthology of over One Hundred Twenty Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma, Edited by David Austell, Nirala Publications, 2017. Congrats to David Austell, Ruth Danon​, Carolyn Wells, Cathy Gigante-Brown​, Jack Tar​, Nancy R. Lange​, Bill Wolak, Mindy Kronenberg​ Su Polo​, Robert Scotto​, Michael Graves​, Christi Shannon Kline, Dan Szczesny​, Kymberly Brown​, James Romano​, Eugene Hyon​, Jan Garden Castro, and more. It was an honor to read at YogaSole on Saturday, October 21.

Available on Amazon.Com

Poems ’bout Love and Hate, Poetry Anthology #1, Edited by Jaroslav E. Sykora, 2017.

A shout out to Jaroslav E. Sykora for including my 4 poems “Living In Silence,” ”Open Space,” “Rage,” and “The Corneal Gates” in Poems ’bout Love and Hate, Poetry Anthology #1, Edited by Jaroslav E. Sykora, 2017. Happy to be on board with: John A. Todras, Joshua Meander, Noel Cohen, Linda Kleinbub, Rp Verlaine, Patrick Hammer Jr., Rosalie Calabrese, Anoek van Praag, James McMenamin, Barbara Hall, Julia Griffin, ff. white, Gabriel A. Levicky, Chris Robin, Jaroslav E. Sýkora, KenJazzo.

Available on Amazon.Com

Nomad’s Choir, Fall 2017, Vol.25 Issue 4
Thank You Joshua Meander for accepting “Gray-White” for Nomad’s Choir, Fall 2017, Vol.25 Issue 4. Kudos to Bob Barci, Jack Cooper, Robert Gibbons, Gordon Gilbert, Jim Hart, Marilyn Thomas-King, Joshua Meander, Chris Robin, Sheryl H. Simler, Ros Rabin.
Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, Sunday, October 22, 2017
Pleased to be part of the Haiku group again. Thank you ayaz daryl nielsen. Kudos to Jo Balistreri, Dorothy McLaughlin, Dennis Rhodes, Carl Mayfield, t. kilgore splake, Greg Gregory, pl. wick
Click below and enjoy:
Mankh’s haiku du jour, October 20, 2017
Thank you Mankh for selecting one of my tree haiku:
veins of leaves
my tree’s hands
touch mine
Bear Creek Haiku, Issue #140, October 2017
Thank you ayaz daryl nielsen for including me in this issue with Sharon Anderson, Michael Ceraolo,
Lysa Collins, Bijay Kank Dubey,June Forte, Peggy Dugan French, Dean Wiseman Golden, Gene Gryniewicz, Stephanie Hiteshew, Jeff Howell, Judy Katz-Levine, Dennis S. Malan, Celine Rose Mariotti, Carl Mayfield, Gerald A. McBreen, Dorothy McLaughlin, Edir Meirelles, Ndongolera C. Mwangupili, normal, Karen O’Leary, James B. Peters, Cathy Porter, Dennis Rhodes, Toma Rosen, Don A. Ryan, Dennis Saleh, Vivian Bolland Schulklapper, t. kilgore splake, Jane Stuart, Tseten Madison Sun, Diane Webster,Michael Dylan Welch, Joanne Weston, Simone Wheeler, pl wick, Yates Young, Paula Yup
by the window
a snowflake meltdown
amuses the cat
the cat enjoys fresh snowfall
but the squirrel hides
under the a/c
dinner table scraps
trash bags ripped for survival
hungry kittens eat
like cat’s eyes
doors to inner peace
open and shut
keep your pussy
kick him in the ballot!
(for Alison Ross)
progressive claws
send political machines
to the shredder
after grieving
sun gets brighter
days get warmer
on hallowed ground
a sanctuary grows
wild geraniums
wild geraniums
remember the holiness
that greed demolished
inside this kaleidoscope
souls of flowers
like clouds
departing for sun
grief fades


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