Carragon Publication Catch Up for August and September

Publications for August and September:

Alhambra’s Lion Courtyard
The Paddock Review, August 10, 2017

Thank you, Leah Maines for publishing this beautiful piece, originally published by Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for the First Literary Review-East back in May 2016.


The Four-Sided Box
Performance Poets Association Literary Review #21, 2017

Thank you Cliff Bleindner and Judy Turek for selecting this lovely eco-poem, originally published by Daniela Gioseffi’s Eco-Poetry.Org Blog back in July 2017.


hot spot demolition birds reroute in confusion
Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, August 23, 2017

Thank you ayaz daryl nielsen for taking this little piece. Kudos to Jo Balistreri, p l wick, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Diane Webster, Judy Katz-Levine, t kilgore splake, Dorothy McLaughlin, and Ann Christine Tabaka


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