Publication Catch Up for July and August

Publication Catch Up for July and August:


Pleased to be part of Eco-Poetry. Thank you Daniela Gioseffi for your activism and hard work. Please enjoy “The Mother Tree,” “The Four-Sided Box,”and “Tree Haiku.” 

Happy to see Karen NeubergMaria LisellaGeorge HeldPat FalkBarry WallensteinGil FagianiPamela LaskinGeorge Guida and others online. Congrats to everyone!
Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot,
Saturday, August 8, 2017
Thank you ayaz daryl nielsen, Frosty, and Tama for posting my Catku:
by the window
        a snowflake meltdown
        amuses the cat
                 like cat’s eyes
                 doors to inner space
                 open and shut
                               (for Alison Ross)
                               progressive claws
                               send political machines
                               to the shredder
congrats to:

Dennis Saleh, t. kilgore splake, Lysa Collins, Diane Webster, Ndongolera Mwangupili, p. l. wick, Bijoy Kumar Dubey, and Peggy Dugan French.

The Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poetry, Summer 2017
Thank you Charles, Vivian, and Valerie Portolano for publishing my Haiku:
a child hides under
ailanthus umbrella
July fireworks
on hallowed ground
a sanctuary grows
wild geraniums
silhouette patterns
washi paper made from sky
ailanthus collage
mosquito lovefest
scratching my way
through summer
Happy to see Gordon Gilbert’s poetry in this issue! Congrats!

Sensations Magazine Supplement 6 – 2017  The Gathering Storm

Thank you, David Messineo and Kleber de Freitas for publishing “Meltdown.”

Pleased to see David Messineo, Davidson Garrett, Denise La Neve, Susanna Rich, Mark Fogarty, John Barrale, Joel Allegretti, Paul Nash, Annemarie Lockhart, and more.


Published by: Patricia Carragon

Brooklyn writer and poet Patricia Carragon loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats, and haiku. Her publication credits include BigCityLit, CLWN WR, Clockwise Cat, Danse Macabre, Home Planet News, Inertia, Lips, Levure littéraire, Long Island Quarterly, Mad Hatters’ Review, The Mom Egg, The Toronto Quarterly, Word Salad, and others. She is the author of "Journey to the Center of My Mind" (Rogue Scholars Press, 2005) and "Urban Haiku and More" (Fierce Grace Press, 2010). Her latest books are "The Cupcake Chronicles" (Poets Wear Prada, 2017) and "Innocence" (Finishing Line Press, 2017). She hosts the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology. Patricia is a member of brevitas, Pen Women's Literary Workshop, Women Writer's in Bloom,and Tamarind. She is one of the Executive Editors for Home Planet News Online. For more information, please check out her other website at: ---Performances --- ---Publications--- ---Series Schedule--- ---Bookstore--- ---Poetry Corner--- ---Online Reviews of My Books--- ---Follow Me on Goodreads--- ---Check Out My Author Page on--- Amazon.Com ---Become My Fan on ReverbNation--- ---Like My Page on FaceBook--- ----THE BROWNSTONE POETS READING SERIES:---- ---4th Saturday Readings (3rd Saturday if the 4th Saturday falls on a religious holiday). No reading in December. --Park Plaza Restaurant --220 Cadman Plaza West near Clark St. & Pineapple Walk, Brooklyn, NY 11201-- - 718 – 596 – 5900--- 2:30PM--- ---$5 donation---food/drink - Open Mic--- Take the A or C to High Street, 2 or 3 to Clark Street, R to Court Street, Borough Hall---

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