May Publication News

May Publication News

May Publication News

Centum Press for Fiction:

Thank you Christen Lee and Meredith Anderson of Centum Press for accepting my fiction piece, “Mural Man,” for  100 Voices Volume Three to be released before the summer. Pre-Sales to come.

Bear Creek Haiku #139, May 10, 2017

Thanks again to ayaz daryl nielsen, Tama, and Frosty for posting
3 of my haiku

Pleased to be among these stellar poets:

Cathy Porter, P. L. Wick, Dean Wiseman Golden, Stella Leonardos, and, normal!

Click on this link and enjoy:
The Weekly Avocet #230, May 7, 2017
Thank you Charles Portolano and also Vivian and Valerie Portolano for posting my haiku and tanka:
Congrats to Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk, Christine Swanberg, Dave Jilk, Jackie Fellague, Christina Laurie, John G. Lawless, Elisabeth Edmonston, Rochelle S. Cohen, Rex Sexton,
Jay Chollick, Susan Twiggs, Kathleen McKinley Harris, Elizabeth Kuelbs, Charles Portolano
like pastel snowflakes
cherry blossoms

rain forgives anger
when it falls with grace and hope
water heals the land
courage replants, life renews
the earth and sun in balance

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