Check out the new issue of Home Planet News Online, Issue 4

Check out the new issue of Home Planet News Online, Issue 4
Thank you Frank Murphy and Donald Lev
I have several items in it:
Fat Shirley 
Jiminy Cricket
The Four-Sided Box
The Far Side of My Mind
The Obscure Voice
Action Near BAM
D Train to Coney Island
Redheaded Mermaid
Beach of Dreams
Kudos to Featured Poets:
Amy Barone and Cindy Hochman
Kudos to all the Contributors, whether for Book Reviews, Blogs, Fiction, Artwork, or Poetry:
Donald Lev, Frank Murphy, Bob Heman, Francine Witte, Gil Fagiani, Ron Kolm, Eve Packer, Linda Lerner, Teresa Costa, Tina Chan, Eugene Ring, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Susan Weiman, Robert Roth, Dorothy Friedman August, Margaret McCarthy, Richard Fein, Tom Oleszczuk, Maria Lisella, Austin Alexis, Iris N. Schwartz, Steve Dalachinsky, Anthony Vigorito, Ilkie Scobie, Bruce Weber, Lehrman Weichselbaum, and more.

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