Some publication news that didn’t get blogged in the usual manner

Some publication news that didn’t get blogged in the usual manner

Some publication news that didn’t get blogged in the usual manner:

My prose piece, “Enjoy Yourself,” is in poetdiversity, November 2016 volume 13 number 2
Thank you Marie C Lecrivain Congrats to all:
Inalegwu Omapada Alifa , Maria A Arana, Shawn Aveningo, Peter Barlow, Wendy Bourke , Jack G Bowman, Alan Britt, Lynne Bronstein, Adam Levon Brown, Jeffrey Bryant, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Alicia Carpenter, Patricia Carragon, Natalie Crick, Carla Criscoulo, Frank De Canio , Marvin Louis Dorsey, Miguel Eichelberger, John LaMar Elison, Gabrielle Garofalo, Dave Houston, Dani Raschel Jimenez, Scott C Kaestner, Sofia Kioroglou, Deborah P Kolodji, Rick Lupert, Donal Mahoney, Frank Mundo, Chika Onyenezi , Adam Phillips, Bethany W Pope, Nydia Rojas, Diana Rosen, Walter Ruhlmann, Jan Steckel, and Papa Vic.
Featured Poets: Jonathan Beale, J de Salvo, Darren C Demaree, Amelie Frank, Jerry Garcia, Terry McCarty, Akor Emmanuel Oche , Greg Patrick, Alison Ross, Cody Rukasin, Viola Weinberg,and Kelley White.
Prose Feature: George Korolog
My Fiction Piece, “Diana of Anderson Avenue,” is in Centum Press’ 100 Voices Volume 2 to be published on January 15.
I’m happy that Tracy Gardstein’s work is also in this book.
From the Publisher:
As you know, One Hundred Voices Volume Two will be published in a little over a week on January 15! As this important milestone for “Diana of Anderson Avenue” and all of the other pieces approaches, I wanted to reach out to see how promoting the book is going. We’re trying to make a final push to generate pre-orders for the book over the next several days, so please let me know if there’s anything that I can do to assist in your promotional efforts.
Just as a reminder, your discount code is: 100V2V8
Your discount code is good for 10% off both paperback and limited edition hardcover copies of One Hundred Voices Volume Two that are pre-ordered through our website,
As we near January 15, I’d definitely encourage you to send a reminder email to your family members, friends, and fans about the book and to participate in our Thunderclap campaign if you haven’t already.
Once again, please let me know if I can do anything to help with your promotional efforts for One Hundred Voices Volume Two!
Looking forward to an exciting publication date!
Best Regards,
Christian Lee
Founder and Publisher
Centum Press
P.S. If you live outside the United States, we could send you a large shipment of books that you could distribute to your family members and friends. This has proven to be a great way to cut down on the shipping costs that each individual absorbs and to make our books more accessible.

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