Home Planet News Online, Issue 3

Home Planet News Online, Issue 3

Home Planet News, Issue 3 is now online


As one of the editors for Home Planet News, I’m happy and proud of this collection of poetry, prose, artwork, reviews, and more.

Featured Poets:
Linda Lerner and Lyn Lifshin

A Short Stretch from When I was Pat by Frank Murphy

Book Reviews:
Donald Lev for OVERHEARD IN A DRUGSTORE and other poems
by Andrew Glaze

Linda Lerner for Francis Shoots Pool At Chubb’s Bar
by Al Ortolani
Leigh Harrison for BOTH SIDES OF THE NIGER
By Andrew Kaufman
Deborah Hauser for RIDING WITH BOOM BOOM
by George Wallace
Bernie Earley and Lisa Neville for Mementos Elegiac:
Greg Weatherby’s Approaching Home


by David Gershator and Phillis Gershator
The Blog Bog:

Matthew Paris

Cover Art: 

Glass Graphics C.TvM Postcard 2 Hermes

Web page Graphics:
Corina Teunissen van Manen (C.T.v.M.), Aldo Vigliarolo, Bob Heman

Robert Roth, Austin Alexis, Ron Singer, David Huberman, Marcelle Thiébaux, George Held
Donald Lev, Gregg Weatherby, Mark Young, Sherry Kearns, Lisa Galt Bond, Joseph Farley, Robert Gould, Drew Marshall, Richard Spiegal, Simon Perchik, David Gershator, colemanden, George Snedeker, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Paul Pines, Vince Corvaia, Angelo Verga, Scott Blackwell, Arnold Skemer, Alan Catlin, Joe Stout, Bob Heman, David Hernandez, Frank Murphy, Patricia Carragon, Matthew Paris, Barry Wallenstein, George Held, sam friedman, Chris Butters,Vicki Iorio, Andy Roberts, Neil Heims, Darko R, Suvin, Gerry de Burica

We are now taking submissions for Issue 4. Please read the guidelines below:
GuidelinesSubmissions welcome.
Home Planet News Online is an On Line Only Publication.
All copyrights return to the poet, writer, artist.

The submissions requirements are as follows:
Submit up to 4 poems at a time We would prefer prose pieces that are 2000 words or less, but we will consider longer pieces by merit. We will accept only one prose piece per writer per issue.
Art work, paintings, drawings, photos, are welcome.
Simultaneous submissions will be accepted with the understanding that we will be notified ASAP of publications in another magazine.

Home Planet News Online will accept poems that have been previously published in printed magazines, journals, or chapbooks with a distribution of 500 copies or less.

We will not accept poems or prose that has been accepted in an anthology or published in another online magazine.

Please include contact information Submit everything in one file as a single word document. No pdf files. Submissions should be sent to: hpnonline@yahoo.com. Response time is about 12 weeks.


Chief Editor:
Frank Murphy

Executive Editors:
Patricia Carragon
David Gershator
Phillis Gershator
Linda Lerner
Matthew Paris

Lehman Weichsellbaum

Consulting Editor:
Donald Lev

Computer Editor
Frank Murphy

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