Regarding Brownstone Poets Readings and Anthology

Regarding Brownstone Poets Readings and Anthology

Regarding Brownstone Poets Readings and Anthology:

OK kids. The Brownstone Poets 2016 Anthology is officially out the door for publication at CreateSpace. A difficult journey. Too many revisions going back and forth with CreateSpace and additional expenses. Unfortunately, starting May 7, I will have to increase the reading donation from $4 to $5. Next year, I will have more time and knowledge to work in page numbers, use only b & w photos, etc . . .  Hopefully, I will be able to cut the cost next year. Regarding the purchase of the books, they will sell on for $15 by mid-April. At the readings, I will sell them for less. I will get back to you with all the info, including Kindle and more.
The books should arrive at my house after April 12. Thank you Su Polo for saving my life with the layout dimension design. A big shout out to my team Bob HemanDuEwa FrazierBrenda J. GannamCindy Sostchen-HochmanKaren Neuberg, and Amy Barone. A big shoutout to Evie Ivy, our guest poet. Dear Cynthia Toronto and Michael Walsh, we miss you and honor you in the book. Love and Hugs to our contributors:

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