Brownstone Poets 2016 Anthology Update

Brownstone Poets 2016 Anthology Update:

We have a gorgeous cover!

Thank you Bob Heman for designing another super cat cover for

the upcoming Brownstone Poets anthology.

The list of contributors are in.

Amy Barone
Austin Alexis  
April Jones
Bernard Block
Bill Pyles
Bob Heman
Brenda J. Gannam
Cindy Hochman
Claudia Serea
Davidson Garrett
Diane Block
DuEwa Fraizer
Edi Holley
Elliot Abosh
Elizabeth Ann Todras
Erica Mapp
Ernest K. Woodley
George Held
George Spencer
Gil Fagiani
Gordon Gilbert
Howard Pflanzer
James McMenamin
Jason Schneiderman
Jennifer Harmon
Joe Lobell 
John A. Todras 
Joseph Charles Rebis Jr.  
Karen Neuberg
Linda Lerner
Linda Rothstein
LinDel Sandlin
Maria Lisella
Mary Askin-Jencsik
Max Nemerovsky
Michael Broder
Michelle Cadett   
Mireya Pérez
Noel David Cohen
Olivia Wu
Patricia Carragon
Peter Blaxill
Ptr Kozlowski
Richard Fein
Robert Kramer
Ron Kolm
Rosalie Calabrese
Susan H. Maurer
Susan L. Yung
Sweta Srivastava Vikram
Tina Chan Page  
Virginia Walker
Zev Torres  

We have Evie Ivy as the Guest Poet.

We lost Cynthia Toronto and Michael Walsh in 2015. They will

be remembered in a special section.

We are in the layout and proofing stage.

Publication is expected by April.



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