More January Publication News

More January Publication News:

Bear Creek Haiku Blogspot, Issue #130, Wednesday, January 24, 2016 with the moon in Mary Jo Balistreri’s Merlot!

Photo Credit:

Sharing the Purrs and Meows with Alan Caitlin, Peggy Dugan French, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Paula Yup, and Cathy Porter.

My haiku inspired by my neighborhood:

firefly light show
donkey cart planter
going nowhere


Nomad’s Choir, Winter 2016, Vol. 24, Issue 1

My poem “Living In Silence,” is in this issue.

Also in this issue are these terrific poets:

Evie Ivy, Garrett Robinson, Anoek Van Praag, KenJazzo, Ekiwah Adler-Belendez, Ankita Chaturvedi, Bradford Vickers, Erica Mapp, Matthew Anish, Yinka Meander, Marvin Goldfarb, Cherise Wyneken, Jack McCabe, Joshua Meander, and more.

E-mail submissions to:
Joshua Meander, Editor

For more info on Joshua and Nomad’s Choir, please check out this article below:

My poem in Nomad’s Choir:

I live in silence,
make my bed with your thoughts.
My tongue is numb,
unable to speak your name.
The color of your eyes,
the texture of your hair,
the touch of your hands,
the whisper of your words
must be kept secret.
You’re my guardian,
teacher, friend, lover—
you’re also my prisoner,
the one who gave 
back my life.
You’ve left this physical plane,
but my free will brought you back.
Only the caverns of imagination
and the stillness of moonlight
can understand and protect
what became sacred.
I am the “x,”
you are the “y,”
but no formula can prove
what we’re experiencing.
Only when I die,
this silence will shatter
the temporal world


and love will occupy the universe.  



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