Haiku Publication News

Haiku Publication News

BEAR CREEK HAIKU #127, June 22, 2015:
Happy that I have 5 Haiku in the latest Bear Creek Haiku #127.
I share the honors with:
sheree mancici brown, floyd cheung, lysa collins,
michael conner, lonecrow, deborah h doolittle,
peggy dugan french, james d fusion, joan mariegiusto, george held,
stephanie hiteshew, loisbatchelor howard, jeff ingram, carl mayfield,
charlie mehrhoff, karlalinn merrifield, michaell newell, normal,
nola obee, karren o’leary, s l peeran, james b peters,
teresinka pereira, toma rosen, t kilgore splake, jane stuart,
tseten madison sun, p l wick, and, paula yup!
My haiku in the booklet are:
under brooklyn el
avian sanctuary
urban birdsong
under Brooklyn sun
my hair gets copper highlights
treetops airbrushed red
outside Brooklyn homes
silent roars from stone lions
March winds growl and hiss
like dervishes
seedpods glide
off trees
*topaz sunlight
the storefront cat
makes eye contact
*(first published in First Literary Review-East, November 2013)
THE WEEKLY AVOCET #135, July 15, 2015
bathe sandaled feet
morning mist
In this issue with Bob Moore, Joyce Joslin Lorenson, Lynn P. Elwell, Charles H. Harper, Sue Lewis,
Sara McNulty, Mark, Charles Portolano

Brownstone Poets in its 10th Year, Back with Virginia Walker and a Special Tribute to Michael Walsh, Saturday, 8/1 at 2:30 p.m. at Park Plaza Restaurant

Brownstone Poets is celebrating its 10th year this August!
Brownstone Poets presents Virginia Walker and a Special Tribute to Michael Walsh, Saturday, August 1 at 2:30 p.m. at Park Plaza Restaurant in historic Brooklyn Heights. Poetry grows in Brooklyn Heights and there’s an open mic as well.

Brownstone Poets presents:

Virginia Walker and a Special Tribute to Michael Walsh

Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 2:30 p.m.

Park Plaza Restaurant

220 Cadman Plaza West near Clark St.and Pineapple Walk

Brooklyn, NY 11201 – 718 – 596 – 5900


Take the A or C to High Street, 2 or 3 to Clark Street

R to Court Street

4 or  to 5 Borough Hall

For more directions:


$4 Donation – plus Food/Drink – Open-Mic

Curated by Patricia Carragon






Virginia Walker has been a finalist for Suffolk County Poet Laureate and her poetry has been published in local and national publications, including Long Island Quarterly, South Fork Naturalist, The Nassau Review, Pegasus, Minetta Review, and the anthologies, The Light of City and Sea, Touched by Eros, In Autumn,  Bards Annual, and Poems in the Garden: Rebel Road  7.She has mentored many poetry workshops on Long Island for Live Poets and has been a visiting poet in East End middle schools.  She lives on Shelter Island and is active in the East End Poetry Workshop. She has created many poetry events at Dowling College featuring East End Poets
Virginia Walker earned her Ph.D. at New York University. She teaches English and Humanities courses at Dowling College and Suffolk County Community College.
For more info, please click on the link below:


Michael Walsh graduated from Gilmour Academy, took a B.A. in anthropology from Cleveland State University, and did further course work at John Carroll and Yale Universities. 
He was happiest with his rock hammer, kneeling in a creek bed or combing shale cliffs for Paleozoic fossils. He contributed his collections to museums and colleges. 
Michael has published over eighty poems in numerous magazines and anthologies, and has read in Ohio, Manhattan, and across Long Island. 
He was a human rights and animal rights advocate and was interested in the intertwine of psyche. He felt we lived in a small world without room for expansion and we needed to get along. 
Michael lived in Rocky Point and was active in the East End Poetry Workshop.

July Featured Poem For The Peregrine Muse-Treasure?

Susan Seddon-Boulet, Artist (snippet from a painting)

Happy to share more good news from The Peregrine Muse

“Treasure?”  is the featured poem for July 2015 via David Evans, Feature Editor


Patricia Carragon


What can be said of something

Buried in this nameless alley,

When it was once treasured,

Given out of love?

Or can love be measured,

When the past is rejected –

Sleeps in filth, alone and neglected?

What can be said of a memory

When it was there to serve its owner?

Was it witness to sadness or happiness?

Was it cherished for its unique design

Or did it lose its value under duress,

When time grew tired of its use

And dumped it out of casual abuse?

What can be said of myself

Seen within this ragged treasure?

Am I a common thread, forgotten,

Inside seams and buttonholes,

With memories stale and rotten -

Or a recycled life waiting to begin

Within washed and mended skin?

©  All work is copyrighted. 

Feature Editor: David Evans