Photos from the Second Brownstone Poets 2014 Anthology Reading on Thursday, March 19 at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Park Slope Brooklyn

Here are the photos taken from the Second Brownstone Poets 2014 Anthology Reading on Thursday, March 19 at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I apologize for messing up a few of the shots and for missing out on a photographing a few poets.  The event started out slow, but people kept coming in and so did the excitement, making this event standing room only.  Kudos to our Guest Poet George Held and to the contributors who were able to make the event.  They are as follows:

George Held (Guest Poet)

Alan Braverman

Ronna Lebo (a.k.a Alice B. Talkless)

Austin Alexis

Bob Heman

Boni Joi

Brenda J. Gannam

David Francis

Elliot Abosh

Ernest K. Woodley

Evie Ivy

Joel Allegretti

Karen Neuberg

Mary Askin-Jencsik

Mireya Pérez

Noel David Cohen

Ptr Kozlowski

Richard Fein

Ron Kolm

Rosalie Calabrese

Sarah Sarai

Zev Torres

Will plan to post the first event pictures from Park Plaza Restaurant soon.  Have a slow computer and must start publishing the 2015 anthology ASAP!


Femmewise Cat Publication News














In honor of International Women’s Day, I am happy to announce that Femmewise Cat, a special e-zine of Clockwise Cat, has published 5 of my pieces:


Sex and the Single Poet

The 4-Dimensional Man

Dandelion Child

PMS Pizza

Birthday Thoughts




Check it out at


Also there’s a second part of this e-zine worth seeing


So many great women are in this issue. Great job Alison Ross. Meow!



Siddartha Beth Pierce. April Michelle Bratten. Michelle Greenblatt. Karen Neuberg. Ally Malinenko. Cindy Sostchen-Hochman. Regina A Walker. Patricia Carragon. Simone Keane. Puma Perl. Sheila Murphy. Alexis Fancher. Erin Reardon. Jacqueline Watts. Linda Leedy Schneider. Mercedes WebbPullman. Gili Haimovich. Wanda Morrow Clevenger. Maja Trochimczyk. Nicole Henares. Marie Lecrivain. Gloria Garfunkel. Misti Rainwater-Lites.

More Publication News

pattie and feather tree winter










Just checked and surprise . . . my poem “Birthday Thoughts” was published in the Linden Avenue Literary Journal  Issue 27, August 2014 (accidentally listed as Issue 28, September 2014)


Also, this issue has pieces from Susan Dale, Melanie Haney, John Garmon, Marion Deutsche Cohen, and Ryan Dempsey.


More Avocet news:


My haiku was in The Weekly Avocet #115, February 25, 2015.


I am pleased that I share the space with

George Held, Leslie Thomas, Mac Greene,

Maggie Westland, Linda Taylor, Leslie Mills,

Karla Linn Merrifield, Karla Linn Merrifield,



against blue-gray sky

featherlike branches

wait for snow