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Susan Maurer and David Messineo Read at Cafe Dada on Tues, 8/21 at 7 p.m.

Poetry Grows In Park Slope

The Brownstone Poets Presents:

  Susan Maurer and David Messineo

Tuesday, August 21

Starts at 7p.m. – Sign up at 6:45 p.m.

Café Dada

57 Seventh Ave. (at the corner of Lincoln Place)
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 622-2800


2 or 3 to Grand Army Plaza

B or Q to Seventh Avenue

F or G to Seventh Avenue (9th Street)

R to Union Street, plus a bit of a walk. 


$4 donation + food/beverage – Open-Mic

Curated by Patricia Carragon


Susan Maurer’s forthcoming poetry collection Josephine Butler, is to be published by Phoenix Press International (Les Édition Phoenix). This unique press has bases in France, Senegal, Canada, and the U.S.  Sylvie Kandé, one of the editors, was her excellent editor.  (Sylvie has just had her second book published in French by Gallimard).  Susan is a publication junkie and loves to give readings.  See her read on You Tube (on Poetry Thin Air).
David Messineo, Publisher and Poetry Editor of SensationsMagazine (www.sensationsmag.com), comes to Brooklynas part of his “2012 Informal Tour” for his 120-page hardcover book, Formal ($20), featuring his structured/formal poetry.  Expect a diverse 15-minute set to include ekphrastic verse; a rondeau redouble; the sonnet, sestina, pantoum, and villanelle; and range topically from paintings, to Queen Elizabeth I, to politics and contemporary issues, many from a liberal perspective.  David uses full proceeds from his book sales to help finance the publication and publish other poems, so consider helping him out with a purchase, as he attempts to have his publication break even financially without government grant funding at the close of its award-winning 25-year run.

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