Changes for the Brownstone Poets

The Brownstone Poets are still in operation at the Park Plaza Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights for the First Saturday readings.  I will be taking July off, but will be back Saturday, August 4.  Due to increasing operation costs in running the series and publishing the annual anthology, I must raise the $3 suggested admission fee to $4.  In order to cut costs, as well as Going Green, I am eliminating the bio sheets handed out at the readings. 
I am sorry to announce that the Linger Cafe and Lounge is now closed after three years of serving the Boerum Hill community with its unique flavor and service.  Thank you Jessica Pichardo for providing a beautiful home for the spoken word, art, and music.  Please click on the link below for Jessica’s moving message:

All Third Tuesday readings are on hold until further notice.  I am presently searching and sending out queries for a new Third Tuesday home.  I doubt if I will find another venue soon enough for the June reading.
My apologies to all my featured readers who were to be reading at the Linger Cafe and Lounge:

June 19, 2012: Al Ortolani and Vincent Quatroche

July 17, 2012: Susan Kolodny and Puma Perl

August 21, 2012: Susan Maurer and David Messineo

September 18, 2012: Amber Atiya, Stephen Bluestone and Robert Gibbons

October 16, 2012:Jack Cooper and Mindy Matijasevic

November 20, 2012: Richard Levine and Michael T. Young 

January 15. 2013: Joel Allegretti and James Arthur

I will try to reschedule if necessary.
In the meantime, I will alert everyone once I establish a new Tuesday venue or if I have to cancel scheduled readings.
The First Saturday series is on Holiday Hiatus for July and will return Saturday, August 4 with the Red Barrow Poets John Barrale, Zorida Mohamed, and Tony Puma at Park Plaza Restaurant. 



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