Long Island Quarterly News

Hey Poets and Friends,

Great to see that the Fall/Winter 2011 Issue of the Long Island Quarterly is up.

My piece, “Scheduled Departures,” is in it.  Check it out at:


Thank you George Wallace for doing a grand job. 

Kudos to the other contributors:

Ed Stevers Apollo And Cassandra
Ellen Pickus Household Accidents
Peter Dugan Voter Blues
Richard Bronson Octet For Piccolino And Strings
Alan Semerdjian Seconds After
Patricia Carragon Scheduled Departures
Maxine McKenzie-Materowski (untitled)
Jackie Moss The Dying That Brings Life
Muriel Harris Weinstein To Marc Chagall, Who’s Not Afraid Of Whip-lash
Barbara Hoffman Yellow
Erik Furher Underworld
Al Ortolani Old Mr. Ramsey Recalls His Fear of Snakes
Kathaleen Donnelly Television
Faith Lieberman Votive
James Bernstein To My Father
Evelyn Kandel Reluctant Beginning
Meghan Hunter Fishing Lessons
Djelloul Marbrook Air Tea With Dolores
Linda Benninghoff Dreams Of  The Earth
Tammy Nuzzo Morgan The White House Hotel
Edward G Luhrs The Last Thylacine In Captivity
Nancy Keating Piecing The Quilt
Dd Spungin My Outside Cats Have Disappeared
Lisa James Evolving
Barbara Reiher Meyers Queen Of Chaos Castle
Steven Schmidt Link
Linda Opyr In The Moon Of The Blue Owl
Tony Policano Tinker Bell’s Day Job
Gladys Henderson Calls Of The Gull
David B Axelrod A History of Speed

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