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Happy New Year to all and wish you the best of health, wealth, happiness, love, and great writing!
More Urban Haiku and More news:
Linda Lerner has written a terrific review for Urban Haiku and More.  Check it out in the latest issue of Home Planet News, No. 65, 2011. 
Urban Haiku and More by Patricia Carragon (illustrated by William L. Hays), Fierce Grace Press, Pooler, GA, 2010, $7.00
Here are two excerpts from the review:
“Make it new” Ezra Pound proclaimed nearly a century ago, and by implication, make it yours.  He was referring to the tradition which is and has been continually reinvented and reshaped over time, as poets find inspiration in what’s old.  This is exactly what Patricia Carragon has superbly done in this beautifully produced collection, Urban Haiku and More.
She evidences an acerbic wit  when she writes the following:, “your / MetroCard / is not his E-Zpass,”Valentine’s Day / Cupid can’t shoot straight / no wonder I’m still single” and “dry-roasted brains / teaching at universities / …academia nuts.”  She easily segues to the directly personal,  with,“Sunday morning / While people go to church / I file for unemployment;  in others  her presence is merely felt:  “a season for change / trees having a mid-life crisis / as the leave turn red” and “Chanukah candles / plastic cards max out credit / 8 days of oy.”

Publication news:

Mankh’s “Haiku du Jour” published my haiku, Prayers Cover The Earth, back on December 14 and The Year Ends on December 31.
Oy Vey!
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